Chapter 4

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*The girls are stunned into silence

Aliyah- One of you Bitches snitched...who was it... was it you Stephanie... or was it you Moe or maybe it was you Katie... omg we are going to jail... *starts to panic*

Stephanie- Us!! Maybe it was you! This can't be happening oh lord

Moe- Calm down we got to figure this out... What are we going to do? I'm too young to go to jail

*The girls hear a knock on the door and get spooked*

Katiana- Who could that be... Nychelle go check it out

Nychelle- no you go check it out that might be the mystery person

Roc- ladies, its us... its time to go

Steph- omg our date we can't go with this on our minds

Katiana- your right... what are we gunna tell them

Moe- nothing *everyone looks at her* this tour is our one ticket out of the ghetto im not gunna ruin it because some bitch wants to black mail us... we are going on this date and we are going to act like nothing is wrong or else they will get suspicious

Aliyah- She's right, lets go

*The girls brush them selves off and start to walk towards the door

*On the other side of the door

Prince- i can't wait to see Moe

Prodigy- I wonder where I'm gunna take Aliyah after the movies

Roc- I'm taking Steph to central park and go for a nice walk then for a bite to eat..

Madison- so you guys are just gunna leave us all alone us after the movie *doing a puppy dog face and grabbing on to prince's arm*

Prince- *slips out of the strong hold* nooooo we ain't gunna leave you all alone

Ray Ray- He's right, You guys have each other *the boys laugh*

*MB's DJ walks up

The boys- Hey DJ Big Deal whats up

Roc- hey look there's this girl in there called Katiana.. her cousin, Who i'm going on a date with, asked me to set her up and since your single and she's single...

DJ- Yea i gotchu *smiles* She's pretty right?? 

Roc- She'd beautiful... She could be a model, You'll like her

*Roc Knocks on the door again.. the girls walk out like nothing is wrong. They all go to the movies and watch madea's witness protection.

*After the movies They all walk out laughing and talking about the movie

Roc- Well me and Steph are out deuces *they walk away*

DJ- well hey Katiana you wanna head out and go eat

Katiana- OMG yes I'm starving *they walk away*

Aliyah- Me and prod are off bye

Moe- we'll see you later Nychelle

Prince- Yea bye Ray *they leave*

Nychelle- by.. why dah hell am i sayin bye to yall haters *she says to Jolesha, Madison, and Miland.. she grabs Ray Ray and walks off*

 *Roc And Stephanie at central park, Stephanie is still thing about what happened earlier

Roc- Stephanie, Steph?? Hello anyone there *snaps his fingers in her  face

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