The Art Of Loving A Mess

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Hello, my precious readers (Lord of the Rings reference anyone?) and welcome to my own personal rollercoaster of laughter, tears, heartache, and happy endings. Don't forget the psychology lectures you're likely to get and the twists that will make you want to strangle me before you break down crying with your arms around my neck. I also have some giddiness for all of you to refresh your innocent little hearts before the next big revelation.

If you have read my other stories, particularly Knowing Xavier or the Him series (both of which are available in full on my profile), you will find many similarities. It's my personal style and signature preference so I will show you the dark side of the world before showing you a way towards the light. There will be drama and some face-palm moments, which will leave you wanting more.

So a tiny warning before the journey begins ... the story will contain mental health issues, exposure to violence and abuse, mentions of alcohol and drug use, a hint of toxicity, and plenty of flawed characters you will learn to adore. I'm always open to feedback regarding my writing style and try to respond to everyone, so please be vocal and share your views. Votes are always an added joy to writing on Wattpad and they don't cost much, so ... need I say more?

Please be aware that I don't write cliches. Thank you! *bows*

Note: These are recycled pages so you will see comments that do not necessarily belong here. If you're interested in knowing why I don't delete old stories and use the same chapters for new ones, find me on Instagram and I can show you some behind-the-scenes.


Aiden's life is a mess.

After dropping out of college to support his family when his father is nearly bankrupt, Aiden's main concern is getting his intellectually disabled brother the help he needs. But when his parents' marriage begins to fall apart and the fear of losing his brother looms overhead, Aiden just doesn't know how to cope.

Meeting the charismatic Scarlett, Aiden doubts his own ability to take on a relationship while trying to keep up with his responsibilities. With her sarcastic smile and strong opinions, she's everything he never knew and everything he wants. But when the voices in his head get too loud and Aiden finds himself trapped in a downward spiral, maybe Scarlett can help him find his way out.

Because Aiden's a mess. And he wants to be her mess.

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