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+theo's pov+

"bai bai!" i yell, running out of the bathroom and into my nursery, into a cabinet as the door hasn't been repaired yet, and i accidentally just called my best friend daddy!

i put my paci in my mouth, covering myself in one of the blankets that is in here as i scoot as far as i can into the cabinet, making little to no sound. i hear shuffling of footsteps around the room, clueless that i'm in this small space. they are poopy heads. i giggle to myself, covering my mouth as the shuffling stops and i'm greeted by two hands picking me up.

"noooooo, theo wan stay hewe" i whine, my legs kicking around. he just laughs at my words, putting me on his hip and walking to the sitting room, playing with my hair as he walks, knowing it will make me whine at him.

he puts me on the couch and i look up to see the three boys staring intensely at me, making me blush furiously at their serious looks. i cover my face with my hands, putting my head into elijah's lap.

"stopppp" i whine.

"theo, baby?" noah asks, and i nod, peeking up at him.

"would you like us to be your daddies? or one of us?" hunter asks, smiling gently at me as he holds noah's hand.

"not yet, later, hunty, coz i not weady yet, bu me do wan woo all to be mah daddies, k?" i ask, sitting up and smiling at the boys.

hunter beams at me and elijah sits me on his lap, kissing my forehead and hugging me tightly.

"good, because we would all love to be your daddies someday" noah grins.

"pwomise?" i ask, unsure if they are just saying it to make me happy.

"promise" they all reply in unison.

"yay" i squeal as we group hug.

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