Reminder: Change has no time limit

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Three whole days of Ramadan have already passed. 

Is it just me or is time slipping through our fingers faster than ever before?

I remember when Ramadan was in the summer holidays. It used to be so easy. Nights were spent awake, reading Quran or praying. Days were spent awake, reading Quran or praying. There seemed to be so much time to do everything.

For me, Ramadan coincides with an entire month of exams, assignments, projects, work, and deadlines! So many deadlines! It feels like I'm not dedicating enough time for Ramadan; it feels like I don't have enough time! 

I came across a post that said, "Ramadan is a process, not an event. It lasts a month. So, if you feel like you're not doing enough or messed up, keep going, don't get down, repent, & have hope in Allah's mercy."

As a student, I find that sometimes I'll only get a few minutes at a time in my day that will be free. I'll take a 5-minute break between an assignment. I'll take a 10-minute break to rest my eyes. I'll have a 15-minute bus ride in the morning and then another 15-minute bus ride back in the afternoon. You may not have whole chunks of hours freed up in the day, but even a few minutes here and there are enough.

What can you do in a few minutes that can help you gain reward in Ramadan?

> Give a little charity everyday. 

If you go to a masjid, they usually have sadaqah boxes there; take some of change and drop some in there. Make it a habit to do it every night instead of giving it all at once. It will make you feel better that you're doing something everyday, even if it's small. If you can't make it to the masjid everyday, make yourself a sadaqah box at home and set a reminder on your phone to put some money in there everyday. Whenever you get the chance, donate that money. It's the intention that counts. 

> Read a page of Quran or listen to some Quran. 

Download an app and you're good to go.

> Read a page of duas/adhkaar or listen and repeat after duas/adhkaar.

Again, download an app and you're good to go. The great thing about listening is that you can multi-task. If you're cleaning your room, listen to some adhkaar and repeat it so you can get rewarded, too. 

What are other small things you can do that can help you gain reward in Ramadan?

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