Chapter 2: Torgunna is dangerous!

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Astrid paced around the room, looking for her weapons. Guns, bullets, swords, knives, electrocuter. She put it all in her bag and went down stairs to the living room. It has been seven days since Imelda helped her escape that hell hole. And she still couldn't believe it. Imelda Louise Torgunna helped her escape. Who would have thought that an Aswang can do anything other than destroy things?

In the past seven days few hunters have been stupid enough to break into Astrid's home and threaten her. Some of them even tried to kill her. Well, it's safe to say that they all ended up with a bullet in their head. The only annoying thing about killing someone in your home is the fact that you have to clean all that blood from the floor, walls or any furniture.

Yes, she does have those giant bags where criminals put dead bodies. But she doesn't like thinking of herself as of a criminal. She is not one. At least, she thinks she's not. She has come so far with all of this that she no longer knows if she is the bad or the good guy in all that. But then again, things are never black or white.

Plus, she didn't know when are those hunters going to show up. They just did, out of nowhere. In one moment, she would be sitting in her living room, watching a comedy and in the next moment she would be shooting a guy in a forehead.

However, she couldn't decide if Imelda helped her because she truly wanted to or if she had a hidden reason. Something was telling Astrid that she didn't help her out out of the good of her heart. It's true, she did fear her and she always will. Even if it's tiny bit of fear, it will still be present. Imelda is over two thousand years old and she has been through a lot. She has seen a lot and she learned a lot about her powers.

She could kill Astrid at any time and she wouldn't be able to defend herself. She is too strong for Astrid or anyone else to defeat. Even an Original Vampire feared her and that should tell you enough. I mean, Astrid has never seen Kaleb so scared as the one time when Astrid mentioned Torgunna family.

His eyes literally opened wide in fear. No one else could see it, but she could. That is the curse of the Purple Wolf. They can see if someone is lying or not. Well, almost always. Astrid did fear Imelda and she feels sorry for those who don't. It would be a foolish decision to not fear her.

Then, she remembered the missed calls on her phone. Astrid unlocked it to see few new calls from Enfys and Sebastian, few were even from Gehenna. Maybe Imelda can change for better. I mean, they all thought of Gehenna as this Wicked Beast they have been hearing about and she changed. She helped them and they helped her. What Astrid couldn't understand is why did she care if Imelda is good or not?

She has seen her in the past seven days, Astrid would go on hunt just outside of Oslo. She would be hunting hunters and then in next moment, Imelda would be there as well, feeding. However, she never spared Astrid a glance. She never looked at her. Not once. She just looked at hunters with this murderous look in her eyes as she drank their blood. And that made Astrid even more scared then she was before.

In that moment, Imelda was the Monster. Monster that even monsters were afraid of. But everyone can be defeated and killed, even she can. The only problem is that no one knew how to kill her, how to defeat her. Astrid sighed as she clicked on the name on her phone and waited for an answer. They needed to know that she was okay. They needed not to worry about her. But then again, her best friend was there as well. Back at her Pack. It has been ten years since she has last seen them and she missed them. All of them. However, she can't go back until she does what she said she would.

"Hello?! Astrid, I swear to the Fate itself, I will find you and I will kill you! What the hell is wrong with you?! IT has been a year since we last spoke. A YEAR! Wait..... Are you okay?" She heard the man on the other side speak and she smiled a little. She missed them really bad. But she can't go back and be reminded of the people she lost. Her parents. Her sister. Her brother and her mate.

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