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Wendy sighed as she placed her forehead on top of her test paper making the letters blur out. She glanced sideways catching sight of the man who balanced a pencil on his pouted lips.

What an idiot

But she's probably a bigger idiot than he is.

She is and has always been his tomboy bestfriend. Wendy knew that Hoseok felt nothing but platonic about their relationship. And wishing to go beyond that seemed too much to ask for Wendy grew under Hoseok's care - or whatever his definition of care would be.

It was as if Hoseok made it his life mission to protect his "little bro". In middle school they were inseparable, and now that they are in high school, in the same class, and about to graduate, Wendy began to get troubled.

What used to be a silly daydream, for Hoseok to one day look at her as a woman, turned into a constant nagging imagery of what ifs and why nots.

She's frustrated.

She has been utterly and stubbornly stuck in that friendzone. Although there were already countless of times that she made it obvious that she wanted to cross over from that border, the boy didn't seem to catch a clue.

Ack. I badly wanted to tear that heart shaped smile of his until it turns into ㅅ.

She heaved an obvious heavy sigh as the boy beside her glanced her way. She then felt a small sharp flick on her cheek before she saw a small piece of crumpled paper on her desk.

She glared at the man and threw back the paper only to hit her wrist on the edge of the desk.

"Owww. Freaking hell!" She shouted as she shook her now reddening wrist.

Heads whipped in her general direction.

"Ms. Son you seemed to be forgetting that you're taking an exam." Her teacher's voice boomed from the front of the room and she did nothing but bow her head. She then saw Hoseok silently shaking from controlling his laugh at her periphery.

"That'd be an hour detention, Ms. Son." She then continued, in a lower tone, "you folks are seriously getting on my nerves. Acting like a bunch of 5 year olds. What's up with this generation." Her teacher ranted.

She glared at Hoseok giving him a stink eye, as he gave her a cutesy face, pointing to his dimple to act cuter. The teacher cleared his throat and the two immediately whipped back to the papers in front of them, both stifling laughter so as not to aggravate the situation.


Wendy decided to finish reading a book while in detention. It wasn't her first time in detention, she'd been sent there before because of petty acts as well, or when she's just unlucky, when the teacher catches her in the act of bantering with Hoseok.

She heard a soft knock on the door and saw the culprit peek his bird's nest of a hair in between the crack on the door.  He scanned the room before his eyes crinkled and his mouth formed its infamous heart shape as he gazed upon Wendy. In response, she crossed her arms on her chest, "Watcha doin' here?"

"Awww. C'mon dude, are you angry at me?"

"The only times I've been here, 90% it's because of you."

Hoseok finally entered the room, extending both hands in an attempt to hug a fuming Wendy. She, just then took notice of what he's wearing, probably from dance practice: a blank tank top, a red sweatband on his forehead and loose basketball shorts and he was very sweaty, flushed,

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