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Pen Your Pride

[A/N: Hey!!  

Thanks for taking the time to come and read through my story!! This is the first thing i have ever really written so go easy on me please!! Haha!!  

I am well aware the first few chapters aren't the best, but all i ask is that you dont judge me on these ones, but on the ones that follow!!  


Susan xx ]

Still Dawn


It has been 6 years to the day since I was changed into a vampire, 6 years since I became a mother to the most precious little girl in the world, 6 years since I joined the family I had longed to truly be a part of, and, 6 years since I realised I would never have to be apart from my precious Edward ever again. The novelty never wore off, every day felt like I was in some kind of surreal dream, and I was sure Charlie was going to walk into my bedroom and shake me awake at any time. Surely it goes against nature to be this happy? But the truth was this is my reality, and its going to remain my reality, forever. Though to me, it still felt like forever wasn't long enough.  

"Bella?" came that beautiful velvet voice I had loved for so long "Bella?"  

"Uh, Yeah, sorry, guess I was away with my thoughts just then" he smiled me my faviourite crooked grin before continuing,  

"What are you thinking about?" he asked, clearly intrigued by what could be causing me to be so unresponsive,  

"Oh, just everything" I replied, still in a daze  

"Everything?" he responded, cocking his head to one side "i called you 4 times, I thought something was wrong" I couldnt help but smile at this, typical edward to think something was wrong, he worries too much,  

"Wrong? How could anything be wrong? Look at us, we have everything we could have ever asked for and more, nothing's ever been more right"  

"Yes, of course, you're right" and with that he pulled me closer to him, I looked around our room and yet again took in everything, if I was still human I think I would be dying from lack of breathing at the sight before me, another thing I never got used to, the crystal white walls, the memory wall, with photos of all of us, mainly renesmee, but thats because she changes so quickly and we dont want to miss a thing, The poster bed we were currently laying on, draped in gold fabric, facing a wall of glass over looking our own private river. What sight could possibly be more beautiful? I was about to tell edward this when we got cut of by a shrill shreek from downstairs, we both laughed and looked at each other,  

"Alice" we said together, followed by an "oh no" from Edward, who hung his head in his hands as if he was going to cry, a millisecond later the bedroom door flew open.

"Edward Cullen, You are SUCH a romantic, Bella, what did you say? I didnt hear your answer so . . . OH" she trailed off, her mouth hanging open "my bad, you didnt ask her yet did you?" her questioned directed at Edward,  

"Ask me what?" I exclaimed, totally in shock, what on earth could have gotten alice this worked up? Other than shopping of course, but I cant see how shopping could be called 'romantic'  

"No, Alice, I didnt get round to it, maybe in future you should learn to be patient? He answered through gritted teeth, he'd leant away from me by now and was pinching the bridge of this nose, like he always does when something goes wrong.  

"Sorry, again, I'm just gonna go now, bye" and with that she flitted out the door faster than I could have believed possible letting the door slam shut behind her, which was followed by "I am soooo sorry Edward, Don't kill me, please, and Bella, Say Yes!"  

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