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Personal Bio

A hermit crab mated with a dementor. And from that union I was born...

Just kidding. Hi, guys!

I'm Kiff, the Queen of Hades, resident Terminator of the Rebel Book Club, and a professional graphic designer. I've been known to be quite brutal -- but very honest -- when I pick up a book. (#RebelBC peeps know what I'm talking about 😉)

I've been reading since I was a wee lass. It started with R. L. Stine, Enid Blyton, Meg Cabot and a series called Remnants (the author escapes me). By the time I was 13, I discovered Paulo Coelho, Bram Stoker, Jaclyn Moriarty, and Anthony Horowitz. Needless to say, my taste in books is quite eclectic.

My main focus is on grammar, plot consistency, and character development. I will grade each of these individually and then together as a whole. I will also focus on flow, sentence construction, and realistic dialog.

Would you say "Golly, mister. I'm sorry I hit you with my battle axe" during a tense fight? I didn't think so. Unless it was sarcasm . . . I'm always down for a good dose of snark.

I will judge your book without mercy. Simply because I want you to be better. Diamonds undergo immense pressure before they're ready to let the world see them sparkle. That's exactly what all of you are -- little diamonds in the rough.

Too cheesy? Heh heh. I know.

Preferred Genres

I'm down for pretty much anything.

Non-Preferred Genres

No fan-fiction, spiritual, or poetry.

If you do want me as a beta even though you have a fan-fic, tag me in a comment and tell me the name of the fandom. If you get a proceed from me, go ahead and post the form.

Relevant Experience

I'm a Rebel Legend ← do you see that word? That's all you need to know. . .

Projected Time Frame

I will read 1 chapter of yours per week. 2 if I'm really into the story. I have a full-time job, so do not bug me unless I haven't spoken to you or commented for 6 days.

Communication Preference

Wattpad, Slack, WhatsApp, Email.

Want to Pitch solidarity_?

*Make sure to comment your application on this chapter! 

This helps keep everything organized.*

Things to include in your pitch:

- Why you're looking for a beta

- A quick summary of your book

- Your goals for your book going forward

- What exactly you're looking for feedback on (spelling, grammar, plot, character development, help overcoming writer's block)

Application Form:

Beta: solidarity_


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