Chapter 1


|| Nia POV ||

I came home from work at 10 pm, I saw Princeton shirtless on the sofa, looking mad. Oh great, not again/:

Me. Hey babe *kisses him*

Prince. *doesnt kiss back*

Me. Baby, whats wrong?

Prince. Shut up. *slaps her & walks into their bedroom*

Sigghh. Why does he do this to me? Everyday he does the same thing. When we got married he was nothing like this. I dont know what happened -starts crying- I tried leaving once, but he beat me up till I passed out. He said if I ever left him, he would do much more than beat me & rape me. I guess I cant leave.

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water until Prince called me into the room he was in.


Me. Coming

When I came in the room, he was walking around the room eager looking, then he aggressively pushed me on the bed & climbed on top of me , pinning me down.


Prince. -punches her eye- Little whore, dont tell me what to do.

Nia. -crying-

Prince. Why you crying for? I didnt even hit you hard! -slapping her hard repeatedly-


|| Marquette POV ||

Ray Ray & I have been married for 7 years, he started abusing me 4 years ago. I dont know why, everytime I ask him why, he beats me & leaves. I cant do anything about it, cause he always threaten me that he will kill me if I leave him ):

Its 3 in the morning & Ray didnt come home yet, hes probably at the club, cheating on me & getting drunk, the usual. I stayed up for him, but I was slowly drifting to sleep on the long sofa.

Ray. -comes in the house & slams the door- (hes drunk btw)

Me. -woke up & walked up to him- Ray, where were you??

Ray. Why you wanna know? -tries to kiss her but she pushes him away-

Me. Are you drunk?

Ray. -punches her & she falls to the floor- No Im not. Now go upstairs & fix yourself up so we can do some stuff -winks-

Me. -holding my bloody nose while crying- Why do you do this to me? I liked the old Ray. The one I fell in love with & married! Not the one that abuses & rapes me. What happened?

Ray. -stoops to her level & whispers- People change Marquette, people change. Now do what I told you to do earlier, so I wont have to make it any worse for you

-both of us stand up & we're facing each other-

Me. NO RAY! ....-whispers- no. Im tired of being your slave.


|| Breaunna POV ||

Prodigy & I were just walking around the neighborhood holding hands, until this hoe wearing booty shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks & a red tube top that looked too small for her boobs, walked past us & winked at Prod. While she was walking away, Prod was checking her out & biting his lip, forgetting I was with him.