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Khr is not mine~
This is my first fanfic so sorry if there's many typos and stuff~

" Angry/serious or demonic/threatening voice"

-Vongola Mansion-


All was bloody red,
Everyone died in front of him.....
They all died protecting him......

Even his beloved guardian died..
He couldn't save them, he couldn't do anything.... He couldn't defeat their enemy familia.He, himself is dying....

Corpses are littered all around and some of the corpses are from the enemy familia and mostly of them are from Vongola Familia. Including the Vongola Familia guardians, the number one hitman Reborn or Renato Sinclair, and also some of their alliance the Shimon Familia((is this right?), Cavallone Familia...

Among all these corpses one is still hanging in life but that life is no longer than a minute. That is none other than the Vongola Familia boss that goes by the name Sawada Tsunayoshi.

"M-min-na... I-i'm so-sorry *cough* i-i c-couldn't protect yo-you *cough blood* a-all.I fai-failed a-as your s-sky *cough* and I-i cou-couldn't e-escape *cough* si-since I ca-can't just ab-abandon you here *huff*" 'i guess this is my end *tear slip down* I'm sorry minna I failed to protect you'

On the verge of death he suddenly remembered his Guardians, friends, and families last word before they died.


"T-tsuna be stro-strong a-and l-live on, yo-you ha-have *cough blood* to es-escape and l-li-live *cough harshly* o-on fo-for u-us.Ts-tsuna ple-please...." That's the last thing the Rain Guardian of Vongola, Yamamoto Takeshi said before he breath his last breath.

'I'm sorry Takeshi my rain I couldn't live and couldn't escape and for that my life is already at it's end'

"Sa-sawada.. live t-to th-the e-ex-extreme..! Don't le-let *huff huff* th-them end yo-your *cough blood harshly* li-life t-to the ex-extreme" The Sun Guardian that goes by the name Sasagawa Ryohei's extreme voice is no where to be found in his current situation and that's the last thing Tsuna heard from the EXTREME boxer.

'Onii-san I'm sorry....the enemy inflicted life threatening wound and I'm already in death's doorsteps' *tear slip down*

"K-kufufu I-i can't be-believe I'll di-die *cough blood* wi-without even po-possesing you-your bo-body Ts-tsunayoshi-kun *huff* b-be s-sure to make i-it out a-alive he-here...." The half mist of the Vongola named Rokudo Mukuro said his last word for his selfless sky for his sky is the one who freed him from Vindice and the one who accepted him as a family and the one who gave him a family, his one and only sky..

'......... Mukuro.....'

"L-lil bro e-escape *cough* from he-here... we-we'll be fi-fine" The Cavallone Familia Boss that goes by the name Dino Cavallone stated and after that sentence, he breathes his last breath with the mind that is clearly worrying for his lil bro which is Tsuna.

'Dino-nii you guys are clearly not alright I'm sorry.....I couldn't survive' *tears streaming down*

"Bo-bossu p-please *cough blood harshly* e-esca-escape a-and live I be-believe th-that's what Mu-Mukuro-sama *huff huff* wa-wanted to ha-happen too..." With that the half mist died with a last tear in her bloody face.

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