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Pen Your Pride

- Jamiya that Boss 
     Day One is over and now it's Day Two. Today is the day where I'm going to try and make them open up and address their issues. Like I said, TRY! I can tell, that just from Day One these people are stubborn and crazy. I just pray that Jazmyn don't choke poor Chresanto out again...

(Chresanto's POV)

Okay, so don't think of me as a bitch because I got choked out by Jazmyn. I didn't fight back because I've seen my mom get abused by my stepdad. After that, I vowed to God, that I would never put my on a woman. I don't care the goddamn circumstances. You will never see me put my hands on a lady. And Jazmyn is very strong when she's upset and about to break down on the inside. And who is Chris? Is that her boyfriend or something? Oh well.

"Jacob, can you pass me the ketchup?" I said to Jacob because my burger was dry. He was a pretty cool dude and I got to know him a little more after I almost died last night.

"Here. Yo, you wasn't scared to sleep in the bed with her last night?" He asked and bit his burger. I looked down and thought about yesterday. She really scared me shitless.

"Of course I was scared. But I think I was wrong for saying that about her brother. I know it's a sensitive subject for her."

"What happened to him?" Craig asked me with a mouth full of food. Fatou came downstairs and looked our way. Craig threw her a body roll and she double-middle fingered him and walked to the den where the girls were.

"Dude, you just got dissed." Jacob laughed and Craig threw a pickle at him. A perfectly good pickle.. Gone. Rest in Food Heavan Mr. Pefectly Good Pickle...

"But what happened to him?" Craig asked again.

"He was killed..." Was my reply as I dazed out... I started to think about that day where Darnell died. My heart weighed heavy with guilt and I couldn't bare it. My eyes stung as tears started to form but I pushed them back when I saw a piece of paper land on my plate.

"I can tell you're hurting inside, Trey. And I know you need this room. But follow these directions. Go to the den and there will be a hallway... No the hallway hasn't always been there. It's only there for times like this. When you walk down that hallway there will be a door at the end. Go in that room and have a seat. Let your heart out. Tell your story... The girls won't be able to see it. Only you, Chresanto."

I looked at the guys and wondered where the goddamn paper came from. Nobody is in this house but us. I hope that at the end of this week we finally get to see the lady who calls herself "Jamiya the Boss". Psh. Yeah right. Her ass ain't no boss. And then another paper fell.

"I'm trying to help you. Now take your ass down that hallway. Now who ain't a boss?"

I rolled my eyes and got up off the bar stool. I told Jacob and Craig that I was gonna be back. I walked to the den and saw all four sitting down and talking. Jazmyn looked my way and rolled her eyes at me. A heavy sigh left my body. I looked to my left and saw the hallway the paper was talking about. I walked to the room and sat down in the chair. Then another paper appeared.

"Just talk. Chresanto, just let it out. Talk about it."

- Chresanto
      So they want me to talk about it. But what's there to talk about? I mean, I know I messed big time with Jazmyn. Especially when I had something to do with her brother being killed. I didn't mean to cause it , but... But it just happened. Damn, she made me feel terrible yesterday too. I didn't really mean to say that but anger took control of me. She had no reason to put her hands on me.
     And when she had her arm against my wind pipe and was choking me, I started to cry. I couldn't do nothing but cry because I sensed and felt the anger she had against me. I knew she was hurting on the inside. But I was too. And I couldn't breathe! But whoever that Chris character is, then I could tell that he had a effect on her because she softened up and finally let go... I just want to tell her I'm sorry, but I doubt she'll listen. I need to tell her the truth. I just have too. And I'm done here.

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