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Third Person (Author's) POV

"Ha! Told you I can do it!" Y/N yelled breathing hard as she beat C/N in a 100-meter race.

"Okay okay. We can go to the mall tomorrow," he answered in defeat.

C/N had made a bet that he could beat Y/N in a race. If C/N won then Y/N would have to help him with his boring math homework and if Y/N won, C/N would have to wear cat ears.

And since Y/N won, tomorrow they're going to the mall so she can pick out the perfect pair for him.

*Time skip to the next day at the mall*

"OH MY GOSH!!! LOOK AT THESE!" Y/N squealed holding up a headband with pink, sparkly, cat ears.

"There is no way in hell I am going to wear that," C/N said shaking his head no.

"But that's not your choice to make," Y/N smirked.

She purchased the headband and placed them on C/N's head.

"Let's go get boba!" She shouted.

Of course, C/N groaned as he would have to wear the ears in front of people.

"What do you want?" Y/N asked.

"I'll just share with you," C/N grumbled ready to leave.


As they sat down at a table to drink the boba Y/N started taking pictures of C/N.

"Hey! Don't you dare share those with anyone!" C/N glared.

"It's for memories!" Y/N defended.

C/N took the headband off and put it on Y/N's head.

"These look much better on you. Since you're already an adorable little potato," C/N said.

Y/N laughed, "Gee, I knew I'm lazy but you didn't need to call me a potato."

"I said cute potato though."

"So. You should be calling me kitty if anything."

Y/N started meowing as a joke and sticking out her tongue.

"You're too cute," C/N smiled giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Y/N blushed as C/N grinned at the effect he had on her.

"Maybe this wasn't so bad after all," he said.

(330 Words)

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