Wet Feet

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Wet Feet

by JoeRover2 

"Ready to get your feet wet?" said CyberPunk.

Buddy, now in his Copycat attire, nodded slowly. He scanned the other faces on the International League of Super-Transbeings (ILOST) transport vehicle and gulped. It was a rousing collection of those who didn't like him. Copycat silently wished Joe was here instead of Brood and Agent Zee.

The reformed vampire, Brood, went over the mission. A cruise ship hit an iceberg; fortunately, everyone made it to the iceberg. The ILOST team's task was to get everyone off before they froze.

A few minutes later, the transport/rescue vehicle arrived over the iceberg and went into a hovering position. Brood jumped from the airship, his duster jacket puffing out like a parachute. He landed softly as Zee, the Russian spy turned zombie, climbed down the rope. CyberPunk would have to remain on the ship in order to operate the rescue machinery; Copycat's stomach tightened at the prospect of being "alone" on the iceberg with Zee and Brood. With a deep breath, Copycat floated down to the iceberg; he had a momentary issue with his black cape as he landed. I hope no one saw that.

Brood was already in the middle of giving instructions to the trapped passengers and crew when Copycat touched down. The soon-to-be-ice-cube citizens backed away from Copycat. Whispers of "it's him," quickly spread through the crowd. Finally, one spoke to Brood. "What's he doing here?" This was followed by someone saying, "I won't be rescued by him."

"Maybe I should just go," said Copycat.

"No," said Brood. He turned to the crowd. "For now, Copycat is part of the team. Until proven otherwise, he will be treated as such. He will be carrying some of you to the ship. Understood?" The crowd reluctantly agreed.

"Thanks, Brood," Copycat said.

Brood stared at him with the intensity of a cat who'd spotted a mouse. Brood's lip curled a little showing his vampire fangs. "This doesn't mean I trust you. You're still a long way from earning my trust. Step out of line and I will end you."

Copycat gulped. "OK."

Brood stepped passed Copycat, knocking shoulders with him as he went. He joined the others at the extraction point. Zee pointed at his eyes and then pointed at Copycat. Copycat lowered his eyes as he joined the others. What will it take for them to trust me?


The process of loading the people onto the ship went smoothly, minus a few protests from people Copycat carried. But that quickly changed when the iceberg began to crack. The jerk caused a little girl to fall into the cold water. Copycat dived in and focused on Glop's (a swimmer ILOST member) power. Copycat adapted to survive the water and rushed after the girl. A second later, both broke the surface and Copycat flew her to the rescue ship. A moment later, the mother arrived on the ship. She and her daughter embraced. "Thank you," the mother said.

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