Corbyn x Daniel

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Corbyn's POV:

"I have an idea."I said with a smirk on my face.

"Go in the pool I don't want you wearing anything I'll meet you down there." I said kissing him then letting him leave.

I got to my closet and grab the box with all my kinky shit. I grabbed handcuffs and closed the box and left. I walked downstairs and walk to the backyard. I stripped and got into the pool. I kissed Daniel holding him tight.

"Turn around baby." I said turning him a little.

I handcuffed him to the latter on the pool. I slowly started leaving hickeys down his shoulders. A few soft moans left his mouth. I left a few dark purple marks then moved my hands down to his shaft. I grab it making Daniel moan. I started moving my hand up and down going faster and faster. Daniel bit his lip trying to stop his moans but being unsuccessful. I felt twitch in my hand and I stopped. He groaned in aggravation because I knew he was about to cum but I stopped.

"Bend over baby." I said and he did as told.

I slowly started entering eventually speeding up. I thrusted in and out until we both came. I pulled out and uncuffed Daniel carrying him upstairs. We dried off put some new clothes on and cuddled with each other. A few minutes later Daniel fell asleep. I heard the door open. The boys came upstairs and saw us laying together.

"Be quiet you guys he's sleeping." I say playing with his hair.

"Aww." Zach said smiling.

I started blushing. I'm gonna go to sleep goodnight you guys. 

"Goodnight." They all said leaving the room closing the door behind them.

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