What Do You Want? A Warm Welcome?

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What Do You Want? A Warm Welcome?

Dipper p.o.v

"Hey Cipher! I got you a new one!" A man yelled looking like complete shit. Like everyone else in this muddy camp. I'm just a simple young man. I'm only 19 soon to be 20. If I get out of here alive that is.

"Him? You bring me this mother fucking weak pathetic bitch?" The blonde said throwing down his cigarette to the wet muddy ground. He gripped my chin tightly in his hand. "You ever held a gun boy?" He asked sharply. "N-no sir." I mumbled out. "Speak up son!" He yelled eyeing me down. "No sir!" I said louder. "Fuck." He muttered out letting go. "What the fucking hell am I supposed to do with this fucking cunt? The only damn thing he'll be good at is cleaning my boots and using him for a good fuck god damn it!" The other man shot back. "Sorry cipher but you don't get what you want!  War isn't kind! You know this! We have to kill those mother fuckers! That's our top god damn priority! And you know that as well!" I swallowed as I stood there awkwardly. A moment of silence passed for the two before the blonde spoke."We're moving out." He turned on his muddy boot heels walking back to his tank. "Move it short stack."

"Y-yes sir." I mutter following behind. "What's your name kid?" He said lighting another cigarette. "My names D-"

"Don't care." He cut me off. "Listen, your job is to kill those cocksuckers. I don't care what your name is or how old you are! Don't give a damn if your married for fuck sakes! You're here now. You're stuck in this hell hole. You got it pine tree?" I nodded, "yes sir."

"Good. Now take a look at your new home princess." He motion towards the large tank in front of us. A man with black hair jumpped out. He looked me up and down."So we're stuck with you?" He chuckled looking me top to bottom. "Damn. We're fucked."

"Shut your god damn mouth Heart Attack!" Bill yelled throwing his cigarette to the ground once more. "Heart Attack?" Heart Attack rolled his eyes. "My real names Robbie but I go by heart attack in this hell hole." He explained loading his gun. "Why heart attack?"

"Hey, how about you be useful and load your god damn gun?! Instead of running your damn mouth boy! Or I can find something real useful for it! That's for damn sure sweetheart!" Bill tossed a gun roughly at me. He chuckled darkly shaking his head. "So weak and innocent. You're not going to make it out here love." I blushed a little looking in his eyes in fear. "Wheels up in 10." Bill said hopping off the tank. "Go get that white hair fuck."

Heart Attack locked in his gun before he went off. "Don't worry darling if you want to be my slut I'm sure I can keep you safe and sound? What do you say?" He chuckled loading his gun. I glare but held my tongue. "No thank you sir." He shrugged."Fine kid. I'd try to help you out?" He glanced up at me. His eyes full of darkness. A different kind of darkness from him."You'll see what one man can do to the other in battle." I took a step back gripping my gun tightly. He chuckled darkly ."Now get in the tank. Time to send those mother fuckers back to hell."


I've never even held a gun and here I am inside a tank. In a war. The tank rolled across the mud. A couple other tanks following behind. Bill stood up out of the tank. His lower haft in the tank while the  other stuck out of the rolling metal looking out.

The sun slowly was setting and we sat outside the tank next to a fire. It was chilly out. We didn't get much to eat. I had a couple of crackers and some water. Same for the others. Bill was smoking again. Blowing his smoke up into the air. No care was written all over him. He was dirty like the other guys. Mud and blood covered their clothes.

We all shot up from our position when a shot was aimed at us, missing. A boy ran up to us taking shots. He was around my age. Bill tackled him with no problem. He ripped the gun away tossing it to Heart Attack. "What we going to do with this fucking cunt?" Heart Attack said. Bill thought for a moment. "Pine tree. Come here." He ordered. He shoved the boy to the ground pulling his gun out and aiming it at the boy. "Don't fucking move!" He shouted to the boy before facing me. "I want you to shoot this damn cocksucker." I stepped back. "N-no  I can't. I can't. " I shook my head. Bill rolled his eyes."Your not going to be a damn pussy! Shoot the fucker!"

I whimpered shaking my head. My eyes filled with tears. "I-i can't!"

"P-please. I have a family! Please don't!"

"Shut your god damn mouth!" Bill kicked him down handing me the gun."Now you do your god damn job!" I shook my head again. Bill growled placing the gun in my hand. He roughly aimed the gun at the young boy."You fucking do it!"

"No! I can't! Please I can't!  -"

"Please! Don't shoot! Please!  -"

A loud bang followed by a body hitting the cold muddy ground."Do your damn job kid." Bill muttered as the smoke raised off the end of the gun.

I fell to my knees. Tears in my eyes. I killed a young man today but that's only the beginning.

This is war. And war doesn't welcome you. It beats you down and leaves you insane and broken.

But if you want to be welcome...

Welcome to kid.

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