Chapter 3

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"Nice locker. But you have to share it with THE Anna Delaney? Poor you." Macy said at my locker during lunch. We had just finished Advanced Math. My schedule had been Homeroom, Computer Studies and Advanced Math. Nathan and I had our conversations in between classes and at random texts.

"Well we've only talked once today. Avoiding each other seems to do the trick." I said and closed my locker while counting the money. "Are we going off to lunch?"

"You'll have to have your death battle sooner or later. You're Nathan's girlfriend right? THE Nathan? You have half of the girl population jealous of you. Yes, we're going to lunch. Do you mind if I sit with you guys? I mean, Nathan and you?" Macy continued. I realized her exaggeration and determination in this chatterbox that had seemed so calm and collective at first.

" Um. Thanks. Yeah you can. Let's go." She lead me to the cafeteria and we talked in line. I scanned the crowds looking for Nathan and was disappointed to not see him anywhere. When I got to the food after what felt like forever, I took a small carton of fries, caesar salad and apple juice. Macy took a slice of pizza and cookie. I was amazed by her thin figure if that was what she ate daily like she claimed.

I glanced all over the place looking for an empty seat for two while Macy babbled on about her past. I was only vaguely paying attention. Macy seemed to not realize that I was looking for a seat for the both of us and just stood there. Suddenly I felt a tight grip on my shoulders.

"BOO!" Nathan whispered in my ear. A shriek escaped my lips and I let go of the lunch tray. Miracously, Nathan managed to catch it before I realized I'd dropped it.

"Thank you. For saving my lunch and scaring me half to death." I said and turned around to kiss him on the cheek. He swiftly grabbed my tray and put it on a nearby table and held me by waist.

"Not in public. This is my friend, Macy." I whispered to him and he gave me a reluctant kiss before letting go.

"Nice to meet you, Macy. It's nice to know that Christina has a girlfriend now. It means I don't have to follow her everywhere and make sure she doesn't get lost in the halls." Nathan said and I hit him. 

"You're...OMG..Hi. I mean, Nice to meet you too. You're THE Nathan. I've never met you in person. You're really popular and everyone talks about you. Whoops. I shouldn't have said that. Whatever. Uh. So. Are we going to find a seat?" Macy stumbled and Nathan squeezed my hand to stop his laughter. I know because I did the exact same thing.

"Well. I hope it's all good talk about me. I have a seat. It might be a little squishy though. I didn't know Macy was coming." Nathan said more to me than Macy as he took my hand and lead. Macy was standing in awe. I waved her over before she lost us in the crowded room.

"So. Uh. How long has this been going on?" Macy asked as we walked to the farthest corner. The table was full of popular football players and their girlfriends. I didn't like the look of it.

"Three, four months." Nathan said distractedly. I frowned. I could've told anyone right there that it was three months, seven days. "Hey guys, this is my girl, Christina. This is her friend Macy who'll be sitting here for today." Nathan introduced us to the group. Some nodded, one whistled and two grunted.

"Ignore all of it." Nathan whispered to me as I sat down. A slight nod of the head in return and he went straight into conversation that I quickly got bored of.

"So, how's it like being Nathan's girlfriend? People would kill to be in your position right now." Macy said over her cookie, which she surprisingly ate before the pizza.

"It's good. He's super nice and sweet. Actually, I didn't know he was this popular until now." I said and played with the salad.

"Yeah, he's the perfect package for every girl. I heard he was really rich too." Macy waited my answer with wide eyes full of anticipation.

"He's pretty rich and spoiled. But, it's all good. I wouldn't be so...excited about him though. He's just another guy." I said and watched Macy's face turn into pure horror, disgust and wonder.

"You're kidding me. I've been dreaming about him since the first day I stepped into this high school. I mean, I'm not trying to steal him from you, but he's so dreamy and all." Macy continued and nearly spat her chocolate chip cookie at me. I closed my eyes.

"I don't mind or anything. Don't worry about it." I said and concentrated on chewing and swallowing.

"Excuse me. How does that thing taste?" A new, high pitched voice woke me. 

"Hmm?" I looked around in curiousity.

"Me here. I'm Tiffany. Justin's girlfriend" The thin, blond pointed to a handsome guy with her French manicured finger. "I was just wondering how the food is here."

"You haven't tried it?" I asked her with amazement.

"Well, I'm on this strict diet but I can't help but look at your salad. It can't hurt to eat a salad once in awhile." She continued. "Can I have some?"

I stared at her. Not knowing what to say, I just kept opening and closing my mouth. I felt a kick under the table that had to be from Macy. I turned my gaze to her and she mouthed "Speak."

"Sure." I said and gave her container and fork. Ravenously, she grabbed it and stuffed her mouth like she hadn't eaten for days (which I'm guessing was the awful truth).

"You can have the whole thing if you like it so badly." I said as I watched her eat. I bit my tongue to stop from gagging at her open mouth and things falling out.

"Really? Thanks. I totally owe you though. How much was it? Or, do you mind if I make it up to you some other time?" She said. I nodded and looked back to Macy who was biting her lip.

"Would you excuse me for a bit? I have to use the washroom. Macy, do you mind showing me where it is?" I said to Tiffany and grabbed Macy's arm. We didn't dare look at each other until we were out of the cafeteria.

The second the door closed and no one was looking at us, we broke into hysterics. We laughed so hard, we ended up on the floor. Every time we calmed down, we would look at each other and a whole nothing round of giggling would start. Five minutes later, after the laughter subsided, they walked into the oblivious, busy cafeteria, arm in arm.

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