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After Jasper left he texted me he would come back around eight. So I grabbed my backpack and started to homework and makeup work after getting dressed.

After I finished my work it was around three so I grabbed my laptop and put on criminal minds, the episode where Hotch 'beats up' Reid. That episode makes me sad but it has good meaning to it.

Once it got around eight I opened the window and layed on my bed. Eventually I heard Jasper come in but I didn't move as layed beside me.

"Hello darlin." He greeted as I turned over allowing him to wrap his arms around me.

"The family voted on whether we should turn Bella or not." Jasper continued holding me tightly to his chest.

"What were the results?" I asked looking up at him.

"Everyone said yes except Edward and Rose." He answered grabbing my hand and fiddling with the rings on my fingers.

"Edward? Why doesn't Edward want her to turn?" I questioned confused.

"He wants her to live her full life." He answered focused on my hand.

"..is that what you want for me?" I wondered. I wanted to become a vampire but for more than one reason, so Jasper and I can be together and because Jasper and I can't live without each other.

"Unlike Edward it's not hard to convince me to spend eternity with you." He answered smiling at me, I leaned over and pecked his cheek.

"..do you want to turn?" He questioned, looking nervous of an answer.

"Yeah, Jasper it's obvious we can't live without each other." I answered. I stopped his hand from playing with mine by interlocking our fingers.

"..it there a certain time you want it done?" He asked his thumb rubbing cirlces over my knuckles.

"..no, do you have any ideas?" I wondered when he'd want me to turn.

"..how about after graduation?" He questioned, looking to meet my blue eyes.

"After graduation?" I asked, I know I sounded opposed to it but I was just scared.

"Yea, is that not good?" He wondered his arm coming around my shoulders and his hand rubbing up and down my arm.

"No, no it's just Jazz I'm scared." I answered as his grip on me tightened.

"Clove I promise I won't let anything happen to you." He promised holding me tightly to him.

I responded by throwing my arms around his neck holding him to me as his hands rommed up and down my back. We layed there for awhile his arms holding me to him, and mine around his neck.

It was around 10 o'clock when we sat up and looked at each other.

"We going to school tomorrow?" He questioned with a small smirk on his face.

"Yes, yes we are. Oh and my dad leaves for another trip tommorow so we got the house!" I yelled out grabbing his hands in a goofy manner.

"Since we are turning you after graduation I think we should wait till then for sex." Jasper stated, looking down at my hand that was in his lap.

"Okay, but why?" I wondered remembering when he said fuck it to hurting me.

"..Clove I could hurt you." He answered leaning his head back on the headboard.

"Okay, okay fine but to be honest I don't think I can wait that long." I whined while putting my legs on either side of him, straddling his lap.

"There are other things than sex I can do to you." He breathed out looking up at me with lustful eyes.

"Well then let's see"

(A/N Okay so I highkey think Jasper is a kinky guy I just don't know what kinkssss)

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