The Gallery

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October 2, 2017
"Good morning."
"Huh? Oh... hi Kyle..." [snore]
   I know one thing for sure.... I am NOT a morning person. Kyle over here though, man, he wakes up every morning at six with no sighs, snores, yawns, or anything for that matter. He's always so energetic and lively, I don't understand.
"What?!?!?!" [rage]
My sister, Kassy, she is 17 years old. She is a little self-centered, but she has a kind heart. She always lets the little children hold a flower. But then sometimes there are situations where they.... break the pot...
"Agh! That was one of my favorite pots!" [sniffle] "It's ok though, Kassy, show the girl to the bathroom to wash her hands please.
"I'll clean it up for you Luka."
"No, Kyle I got it."
I feel selfish, he always does things that I am responsible for, for me. For example, the spilled soil and shattered terracotta.
"Hey, Luka, you know I can't work at the gallery tomorrow, right?"
"This is like a normal thing for you, why is that?"
"Well, you see, every so often my family gets together for a cookout—"
"It's ok, I was just joking! You need a break anyway, you work so hard all the time. And I know your family thing is important."
"Thanks Luka..."
I don't know why, but I feel it's suspicious that his 'family thing' is every full moon. Goodness, what is wrong with me, why should I question it? It's getting to my head, I'm going to close the gallery early so I can paint another flower portrait...

~ morning

"Ugh... I fell asleep before washing the paint off my hands." [moan]
"Hey Lulu, can you drive me to school today?"
That would be my brother Anthony... He is 14. Every so often he asks me to drive him to school because my parents leave early for work.
[YAAAAAAWWWWN] "Fine, ill drive you to school."

~ later

"Hey Kassy? Can you help me put up this portrait?"
"Sure— Wow, that's a big canvas, how much are you selling it for?"
"Actually, I think I'm just going to put it up as a display for now, since I just painted it last night..."
"Ok, let's get this baby up on the wall."
   It took a couple tries to get it up on the wall, but afterwards I decided to bring a flower arrangement by Kyle's place for the family.
   He's not home, or at least he won't answer the door...
"Oh, hello Luka! What're you dropping by for?" [stressed tone]
"Hi Mrs. Hill! Is everything ok? I just dropped by to give you this flower arrangement!"
"Oh, yes everything is ok! Just... Kyle is not feeling so well..."
"Oh, I'm sorry, how is everyone else?"
"Actually, I think we've all caught it, so maybe you should... um..."
"Oh, I understand! I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well..."
"Oh! Tommy go back to your room! You look like a mess!"
   Why does his hood look so stuffed? But... Mrs. Hill is right, Tommy looks AWFUL... Poor guy. Tommy is one of Kyle's two brothers, the other brother is Kieth, Kyle's twin. I wonder how Alyssa and Aleah are feeling... they are Kyle's younger sisters. I've been friends with Kyle since kindergarten and our families are pretty close, so we know a lot about each other.
"Sorry mom, I'll go back to bed... Hi Luka..."
"Hi Tommy, I hope you feel better!"
"Ok well, thank you so much for the flowers Luka, maybe you can come by later..."
"Ok! Goodbye Mrs. Hill, tell Kyle I said hi!"
   Man, everyone is not feeling well... I'm going to go back to the gallery and set up more paintings.

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