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Jin looked at yoongi with his eyes wide open. This was the first time yoongi had actually spoken to jin at his own accord. Usually, namjoon would force him. "u-uhh hello."

"Sorry I'm just in a good mood today." Yoongi apologised but jin took his as a great opportunity to make a new friend.

"oh why?" Jin questioned while smiling brightly

"I'm going to ask my crush out after work."

Jin's eyes shone and he touched his heart with both hands "oh wow. cute. hope it goes well. does your crush like you back?"Jin questioned causing yoongi to sulk

"I'm don't really know to be honest but something tells me he does." No matter what yoongi was determined to stay positive until jimin comes.

"Oh okay..."

Just then, namjoon came with a sulky face and sat down in the kitchen.

At first, jin was hesitant to go to him but then realised that it was jinhee who had an argument with him, not jin. "What's wrong?" Jin asked

"Oh nothing, I had an argument with a friend that's it."

Jin nodded then went to get his phone and texted namjoon



im sorry

what? its fine

You wanna know who I am?

heck yeah

jinhee 🍟
you can find out in a few days

we're meeting?
holy shit
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"There's hardly any customers today." Yoongi exclaimed, sitting on a customers chair. "Sit down jin let's talk." Yoongi rapped his hand on the table.

"Uhm okay." Jin awkwardly sat down opposite yoongi and looked around the room.

"So how's life?" Yoongi asked

"Uhm it's okay." Jin answered, inside he was extremely happy that yoongi wanted him to sit down with him.

Just as yoongi was about to speak, 4 boys came in smiling.


"Jungkook?" Jin muttered under his breath so no one would know.

Before jungkook spoke, he took a glance at Jin and smiled "Namjoon hyung?"


"We want to work here." Taehyung smiled widely and took an apron from the hangers. "What do we do first?"

Namjoon looked at the 4 boys in confusion "Why do you want to work here?" He asked, thinking this is a prank.

"Don't worry it's not a prank, we can come here after school to work." Jimin said as though he read namjoon's mind.

"Sure I guess I just need to see your papers and your records." Namjoon looked at their papers and nodded. "You guys are failures in school you're hired."

"I also have something to tell you hyung." Jungkook looked at Jin and the older shook his head and pleaded.

"Why wait for Wednesday hyung? Today's no different." Jungkook took a step back and faced his body to his brother

"Jinhee is someone in this room."

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