The Crimson Emperor

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   Kouen Ren was a scary man. A man with insane intelligence, strength and sharpness. It was frightening how keen that man really was. He was a excellent general with what it takes to be a leader. He had a way around people, his words dripped like honey, so sweet and pleasant sounding when he tries to persuade people. It only worked on ordinary people though and Kiyomei certainly was not ordinary.

A wingless raven is what people called Kiyomei. Kouen was refer as the phoenix, quite the contrary between the two. The two were rising leaders competing with each other, battles were bound to happen between the two. Certainly, the two were the heart and soul of the Kou Empire military.

Kiyomei was taken to Kouen for healing right away once the guards had found her. The bleeding was already severe, about a cup of blood was already loss. Kiyomei's vision blurred as the guards hurried her down the hall of the palace. The marbled floor was stained with her blood as she hurried away. Loud knocking rang in Kiyomei's ear, she lifted her head to see the dreaded oak door.

"Yes?" A low husky voice resonated from the other side of the door. The guard responded immediately, "There's been a attack on Princess Kiyomei! She's injured and bleeding out! Please your highness, use Phenex to heal you sister!" A silence pursued the plead before the oak door was pushed open, those gleaming crimson eyes peered from behind the wall. "Bring her here, but remain outside. This process takes extreme concentration and focus."

The guards were wary but obliged nonetheless it was an order after all. They gently laid Kiyomei against the wall in order for her to use the wall as support. Kouen ushered them out of them room, reassuring them that the Princess will live. Without another word, they left.

Once they left the room, a haunting silence corrupted the room, cloaking it like a thick fog. It felt difficult to breathe despite her wounds. Kiyomei's eye never left Kouen's figure, a unsettling feeling wrapped around her heart. Kouen's raspy and deep voice cut her thoughts, "Dear sister, what happened?" He kneeled to her height, holding eye contact with her.

Kiyomei managed to choke out a croak, "Like the guards said... I was attacked by an assassin I presume." She faked a grunt and coughed up blood. A fake expression of pain erupted on her face as she coughed up the liquid. Kouen lifted a eyebrow, "Have I underestimated you? Are you truly this pathetic?" Kiyomei groaned, clutching the wound and faking the pain. "I was sneaked upon, forgive me my brother. I'll try to be more careful next time- ah shit-" Kiyomei cried out to further her act.

Kouen sighed, pulling out his blade and held out a brooch that hanged at the end of his hilt. A golden light radiated from the brooch, a warm sensation surrounded Kiyomei's body. She felt as the wound closed up and her energy replenished. Once healed, Kouen pulled his metal vessel away and the sensation dissipated, "Thank you Kouen, I appreciated it."

"Careless actions will be the death of you. Learn to be more aware of your surrounding. I won't always be there if you are injured." Kouen called out, turning away from Kiyomei. She pressed her body against the wall as support and helped herself up from the ground.

Suddenly, the unsettling feeling became a dangerous one. A sense of danger rippled through the air as Kiyomei stood up. A small dagger was thrown at her with lightning speed but with her sharpened instincts, Kiyomei easily caught the blade between her index and thumb and flicked away the fuda attached to it.

She tossed the blade down, stabbing the fuda into the ground, destroying the magic circle engraved onto it. Kouen chuckled lightly, clapping. "Not bad. Surely if you were able to detect that, you've been able to detect the presence of an assassin?"

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