Wheezing- Wooflan

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

"I- I can't breathe." My voice was barely above a whisper and I knew no one could hear me, even though they were only a few rooms over.

My hand was over my chest and I was crouched over, seated on my bed, and wheezing fiercely. I felt woozy and tried to put my head between my knees to stop the dizziness and flashing stars before my eyes, but my lack of breathing didn't seem to help.

Whether I was breathing through my nose or mouth it didn't make any difference, I was still wheezing and couldn't get enough air into my lungs.

It had come on so suddenly, I didn't even know why it happened, one minute I was fine and the next second I could hardly breathe and was on the verge of passing out. I didn't realise until later but I had bumped my chest into the corner of a set of drawer, at the same level as my lungs.

I laid back on my bed with my eyes closed, one hand over my chest and the other over my forehead, just trying to focus on breathing and forcing the air into my lungs. I coughed, feeling it tear at my throat as I did so and I just kept coughing, unable to stop myself and forcing out the only remaining air in my lungs.

The light-headedness was back in full force and I was on the verge of passing out, blackness flickering in front of my vision. My chest heaved as I coughed.

"Lachlan? Are you okay?" I heard the door open behind me and then a cry of shock, from who I thought was Rob, although I couldn't quite tell. "Lachlan!"

I felt a hand on my shoulder but all I could do was focus on my wheezy breathing, which was slowing by the second and causing the darkness to creep even further into my vision.

"Someone call an ambulance! Lachlan's passing out!" I felt myself being turned onto my side but I just kept trying to breathe, hearing my wheezing and coughing as the blackness creeped even further into my vision.

It only took a few more seconds before the blackness took over and I passed out.


"-llapsed lung, probably ruptured air blisters but we have to wait for the doctor to look at the x-ray first and then we'll go from there. It's not life threatening as long as we give him the right treatment, and even then it'll sort itself out if it's not serious."

"How can we know that it's not going to be serious?"

"When the doctor comes back he'll be able to tell you, after all we aren't even sure what caused it. It came on suddenly, didn't it?" There was silence.

I still felt woozy but something was different. There was a tube down my throat and it seemed to be helping me breathe, as I was no longer wheezing and I didn't even have to try to breathe as whatever it was seemed to be doing it for me.

I could see the light behind my eyelids and squinted, knowing I would be blinded if I tried to open them any further. I groaned, the tube in my throat was growing a little bit painful and every time I tried to shift in any way I felt the tube more and more, which went down my throat and into my airway.


"He's still gonna be a bit drowsy, the medication won't really wear off for another hour or so." I felt a hand on my forehead and all of a sudden the lights dimmed, my eyes automatically relaxing at the lack of light.

"Lachlan, can you open your eyes? It's Rob." There was another voice, which I could just distinguish."

"And Mitch." Another voice interjected.

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