Chapter 1 - Welcome to Oxferna

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Soooooo, this is a first for me :) I have to say that English is not my native language. But I like challenges so I thought : ''HELL YA LET'S DO IT''.

This is a story I wrote all by myself, without anybody's help; which means it's all very mine !

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(the song appearing in this chapter is : Olly Murs - Dance with me tonight. Feel free to listen to it while reading. It's lovely)



''Guys hurry !'' I shout at my two very slow best friends, '' We're gonna be late for the principal's speech and I CAN'T miss that !''

'' Chill out woman we're coming'' Lea sighs ''Come on Meg' move your sweet ass faster before our future Headmaster starts getting a heart attack from all the sweating'' She chuckles pretending to talk to Megan but looking at me and blowing me a playful kiss.

But I'm too stressed out to laugh at her messing with me, ''Oh stop it. You know I've wanted that for as long as I can remember. This year has to be my year, I worked very hard for it !'' I plead lifting my suitcase and grabbing my backpack. ''Now come on let's go please !'' I cry with a begging voice.

''Okay okay we can go now I'm ready'' Meg says holding her arms up in the air '' You know Nina, you're 18 years old now, you should really start thinking about something more interesting than school.. like hot guys'' she winks at me making me roll my eyes.

''Like you you mean ? Because that's maybe too much boys' thinking'' Lea laughs pointing at Megan ''Perhaps if you exchange your brain with Nina for a couple of days, your hormones could finally take a break.'' I can't help the snort coming out of me when she says that. Meg fakes an offended look before throwing her cushion at Lea making us all giggle.

''Ha ha, so very funny'' Meg says rolling her eyes at us and taking her cushion back from the floor, ''Now let's leave bitches'' she smiles

''Hey ! language'' I frown pointing at her, which causes her to chuckle.

We finally leave my house where we've been packing our stuff and get in Lea's car, preparing for a three hours drive. I really hope we won't be late for the ceremony's opening. We're going into the college unit of the private school where we've been going to for the past few years. This year is our 3rd as college students in this school, which means it's my time to finally be one of the headmasters of students. I have proved myself to the teachers and principal and I have shown that I'm qualified to get that post.

''Okay girls ! Now let the music blast'' Lea says grinning. She starts the car and as soon as the music pops in, we start singing along. ''I just wanna ouhhhh I just want you to dance with me tonight yeaahhh''

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Three hours later, we find a spot in the parking lot near the school where all the student's car stay. We take our bags and suitcases and head to the entrance where you fully see ''Oxferna School'' written in huge letters above the door in gilded wood. A lot of students are already there and you can hear the chattering becoming louder as we enter the huge castle. Yes that school is like a huge chateau, as the french would say. It's beautiful and built with a very antique architectural style. You could definitly shoot a scene of one of Harry Potter's movie in it, which makes me love this school even more.

Yep I'm a Harry Potter's fan, I mean I've probably read the books like 10 times. And I never get tired of it.

Once we're inside the school we climb up the stairs to go put our bags in the girl's dormitory and go back down to the cafeteria. We follow Megan who spot Martin and Dylan sitting at our usual table. As soon as they see us coming they get up from their sits grinning and opening their arms for us to hug.

''Hey guys'' I smile hugging Martin.

''Hey pretty face how you doin' ?'' he says tightening his grip on me.

''Very good thank you Martin.'', my smile widens, ''it's great to see you both again. How was your summer ?'' I say letting go of Martin to take Dylan in my arms.

''It was great ! Would have been better if you were there though'' Martin says grinning at me and putting his arm on my shoulders.

From the corner of my eye, I see Lea and Megan share a look but decide to ignore it.

''Well well look who's gotten even more gorgeous over the holidays'' Megan says giving us an eye signal towards a group sitting on a table across the room.

And I can't restrain the rolling of my eyes when I spot the guy she's referring to :

Hayden Scott.

The most popular flirt of our school. A complete idiot if you ask me. Of course he's gorgeous but he's such an ass, he has slept with more than half of the school. Thankfully none of my friends has been stupid enough to sleep with him, even Megan hasn't tried yet. And god knows she's a flirt too.

Next to the jerk are sitting his bestfriends Jack and Ben, who of course are also good looking...cause that's always the case with popular guys right... I notice a girl sitting next to hayden, the same girl who's always been stuck with him since day one, even though he doesn't look like he cares for a bit about her, Chloe Pansy. I think she's kind of his gap filler which makes her seem even more superficial.

I must have been looking at him for too long cause his eyes suddently snap at me and he smirks with arrogance.

Cocky bastard.

I roll my eyes and focus on the professors table waiting for the speech to start. I feel Martin's stare burning the side of my cheek and as I was about to ask him what was up with him looking at me, we hear a loud noise coming from the front of the cafeteria.

Here comes the principal : Miss Siegried, followed by the math teacher, Mister Welt, and the english teacher, Miss Lagers. They all walk towards their table as the cafeteria becomes quiet and their steps are the only sound we hear.

''Great... Get ready to be bored'' Megan says quietly, and the others chuckle slightly but I shush them pointing my finger up, making them roll their eyes at me.

Miss Siegried stands in front of her sit and takes a look at the room checking everyone's listening before starting to talk, ''Good morning students ! And to all the new ones welcome to Oxferna, as for the others, welcome back ! I hope you spent your holidays peacefully cause now things are about to become serious again. As you probably all know, this school has rules and principles, but it also has activities as much as moments of leisure. You are all here to learn and develop your capacities to become responsible adults.''.

Miss Siegried clears her throat and continues her speech, ''So now speaking to the new students, as you probably all noticed, this school has dormitories separating girls and boys rooms. And I insist on the word separating ! I don't want any of you boys going into girls' rooms and that stands also for you girls.''

At that, we hear the boys and some girls complaining, but the principal shuts them up quickly. ''Silence ! So as I was saying, each dormitory is separated and has 25 rooms. And the rooms allow 3 to 4 students each. Furthermore there is another dormitory smaller with only two rooms which is called the golden dormitory. Of course this dormitory is for the headmasters and for them only. For those who wouldn't know, the headmasters are the representatives of the students. There is one for the girls and one for the boys of this school. The teachers and I will choose amongst the volunteers depending on their scores and work from the past 2 years in this school. Which means that the two students must be in the 3rd grade. We will expect them to participate in all sorts of tasks regarding the school and the students ; which means they have to cooporate and get along throughout the year. Otherwise they'll be retired from their post as headmasters. We'll be choosing the headmasters at the end of the week so if you want to volunteer, you have to write your name in a paper and put it in the box that is in front of the secretariat. If you have any question, you can ask a professor or come to my office. So until then, please behave and once again, welcome to Oxferna !''

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