Good Student (G)

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The classroom was chilly since Mr. Dolan has the air on full blast. The room smelt of his cologne, which smelt like Heaven.

"Y/n, are you paying attention?" Mr. Dolan asked looking straight at me.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," I apologized as my cheeks turned red.

Grayson Dolan a.k.a Mr. Sexy. His hair was always perfectly styled and his dress pants were always tight in the right spots. His shirts clung to his biceps and the best part is he's my last class of the day.

Usually I'd be dog tired by 7th period, but Mr. Dolan really gets me going. He is sweet, generous, funny, hot, and a good teacher. He really cares for his students.

Class went on as Mr. Dolan talked about a book we would start reading next week. His voice sounded excited and passionate, which made me feel that way to.

I couldn't stop picturing Mr. Dolan shirtless. The outline of his abs, his defined biceps, his perfectly sculpted v-line.

When the bell rang kids flooded from their chairs quickly to reach buses and to see their friends. I, however, took my time. I wanted as much time with Mr. Dolan as possible.

"Excuse me Mr. Dolan," I said innocently as I approached his desk.

"What can I do for you Y/n?" His voice was calm and happy. His eyes were lit by life and his smile was killing me.

"I just wanted to apologize for zoning out on you earlier. I've found it harder and harder to focus," I softly grumbled.

"What's been distracting you?" Grayson asked now more serious. His hands folded in front of him.

My eyes shot down to his long tan fingers. The veins from his arms going to his hands made my knees shake. What those hands do Gray?

"A couple of things come to mind," I gulped while trying to move my eyes up to his face.

"Would you like to talk about it or do you have some place to be?" He asked standing from his chair.

"I wouldn't mind talking," I responded after acting like I had to think about my options.

Grayson walked over to the door, looked out into the hallway, shut his door, pulled down the door curtain, and locked it. He sat on his desk and patted the area next to him.

"So what's been going on? School getting to you? Too focused on Summer? Parent problems? Boys?" He asked as he looked at me.

"I'm really not sure Mr. Dolan. It all started when I saw this guy," I muttered turning red.

"Who is it? I could move your seat to where you can't see him and not be distracted anymore."

"I don't think it works like that Mr. Dolan," I laughed while shaking my head.

"Please, call me Grayson when it's just one on one talking. I hate that you guys have to call me Mr. Grayson. Honestly I'm only four years older than you."

Grayson's lips formed a pout as he went on his short rant. I watched his lips move together. The way he would randomly poke his tongue out to wet his drying lips really got me going.

Without thinking my hand moved to his thigh. Grayson's eyes shot to me with a shocked expression, but he didn't tell me to stop.

I traveled my hand up further till I got to his crotch and my hand gently groped his bulge. Even when he wasn't hard he was huge.

"Y/n I can't do this," he said but threw his head back as I continued to rub him gently.

"Don't you want me?" I purred in his ear and tugged on his earlobe between my teeth.

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