"We can only watch it for an hour and it's only like 4 channels that won't have anything come across like that."

"And you got a laptop?" He questioned.

"Well I do have two businesses to run by myself."

"You had mom." Junior said.

They both just stared at each other. It was like looking at a two way mirror. I see who's going to give the most problems today.

"Soooo dad." I said trying to ignore the tension. "Are you allowed to leave for like special occasions? My prom and my birthday is coming up."

"My Birthday is too!" Kylee said.

"I know all of that an I'm trying to work some things out." He said. "Your mom has control over anything I do in here so you'll have to talk to her as well."

"Why does she have control? Nana couldn't do it?" Junior asked.

Oh boy.

"Uuuh, well that was your mom's decision. So that's something you'll have to talk to her about as well." My dad responded. "But I hear you have some news for me."

Junior looked at him, his eyes full of hate. This shit was breaking my heart.

"Yeah, moms getting ready to be a grandmother."

My dad's teeth sunk into his bottom lip. You can tell that shade hurt his feelings. Instead of responding he looked down at his watch. Before speaking he cleared his throat. "It's time to go meet with the counselor. Y'all can follow me."

We all got up. When I got next to Junior I pushed his arm and he turned and socked me in mine, making me regret what I just did.

I should beat his ass.

I looked up at my dad who stared at us with that 'you know better' look on his face as if we were babies.

"Sorry." We both said.

We started walking again and stopped at a office door.

My dad knocked and shortly after an older man opened up. A smile appeared on his face. "You got them all to come, this is good." He said while stepping back to let us in.

We walked inside and just stood there except for my dad. He sat in a chair across from the couch that I'm guessing was for us.

"You guys can have a seat across from your dad." The therapy dude said.

After we were all seated, the therapy dude grabbed his pen and pad and sat next to my dad. "Hello, I am your dad's therapist, Dr. Richards. Apart of the program here he has to see me twice a week. Getting you three here was something that I thought would be a difficult task but I'm glad you all joined us. Let's get started, who's the oldest?"

Junior raised his hand.

"So you must be Christopher. Your dad speaks on you a lot." Dr. Richards said. Junior just kept his same blank expression. "Okay, so what we're going to do first is, I want you all to give me a one word that describes how you feel when it comes your dad and explain why you feel this way. We're going to go oldest to youngest."

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