what is this? a post-credits scene? exactly.

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[ ??? POV ]

       I anxiously glanced at the flip phone in my hand. "Strike a deal. Verdant Alley, midnight. - E," it read. Before I could flip it closed, a shadowy figure crept behind me.

       "A flip phone. Seriously?" I sighed, tossing it to him. "All right Tails, what's this about?"

       "I need your help. Or rather, he needs your help." I scoffed, "And what do you need me to do?"

       "What you're good at, of course, Ice," another man responded. "Is that what the media are calling you these days? Seems a little bland, but I won't judge."

       "All right, if my reputation does precede me, then you'd know I never work for free."

       "Oh, I can give you exactly what you want," the man smiled, eyes flickering between colors. "Now, do we have a deal, assassin?"

       I smiled, "Of course, Keeper of Emeralds."

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