Chapter 1

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A/N : This is completly fiction.  I do not believe that Riker is a bad boy, evil or mean like he is in the first few chapters. It's fiction and completly made up. Obviously i do not own R5 or the peoplw in the story besides my own characters. Now with that being said, please enjoy

Riker Lynch, was a growing rockstar. Some where along the line, he stopped careing about the fans and his family. All he wanted was to make-out with fans. Until a new girl walkes into his life. She is the only one who can resist his Charms. Will she be able to break him, and turn him back into the old Riker. What happned to make him so cold. Could this new girl, be an old friend from the past? Will she be able to break him before he breaks her?


Rikers POV

“Good night California! We love you all!” Ross called out to the fans. I rolled my eyes as we got off stage and headed towards our van. It was the last show of the summer and we were headed back to school tomorrow. I was the last one out of the concert hall, when I got out there I noticed the rest of the band signing autographs. I really wasn't into signing any tonight. I was just looking for the easiest girl there. I would never go all the way with a fan, just the occasional make-out session. What can I say I was a bad boy. No on could control me, not my siblings, not even my parents. They gave up on trying to tell me what to do, months ago. They figure it was just a phase and I would be back to normal in no time. They don't know how wrong they truly are. I looked around the crowed and noticed a girl with black hair and bright blue eyes walking across the street, trying to avoid the crowed.

“Riker, it's time to go. Its the first day of grade 12 tomorrow. Now lets go.” my dad called from the van. I hopped into the van and go in the back seat with my baby sister Rydel and our little brother and Manager Ryland. My other brother Rocky and Ross sat in the middle row with our friend Ellington Ratliff. We called him Ratliff that way we could keep our name R5. Our dad was blabbing on about something, but I wasn't paying enough attention. We pulled up to Ratliff's house and let him out. When we got home we unloaded our things and put them away. We all rushed around and got ready for bed. I set my alarm for five thirty so I could be the first one to use the shower. With seven of us in the house it was hard to get a hot or at least warm shower. I stripped so I was just in my boxers and crawled into bed. Rocky climbed into his bed across from me.

“Night bro.” he said before turning off the light on his bed side table.

“Night, Rocky.” I responded before closing my eyes and drifting of to sleep.

_____________________________________________________________________________Chelsea's POV

“Chelsea, get up and turn your damn alarm off!” my mom called from the next room. I got up out of my bed and crossed the room to turn my alarm off. I walked over to my closed and grabbed a pair of white skinny jeans with paint splatter all over them, a light blue tank top, a black sweater and a pair of blue converse. I walked into my bathroom, and turned on the water. I quickly got into the shower and washed my hair and body. Once I got out I dried my hair with my hairdryer and straightened it. I decided I would do a light blue with dark blue eyeliner. I got dressed and went downstairs to wear my mom making breakfast.

“Morning mom.” I said walking over to her and giving her a hug from behind. I was an only child and my dad has passed away just over a year ago. I recently moved to California from Canada. It was a big change, but my wanted me to be as far away from my old school as possible. I had problems with bullies. My mom turned around and gave a kiss on the cheek.

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