Awicks X Vaweewee

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once at a house party, Soup's party to be exact. 

why else would I be at a party?? 

I sat in the bathroom crying like a little bitch that I am. 

my long term crush was downstairs, Vaweewee. 

I didnt have near enough balls to talk to her, as I was crying in the bathroom. 

ALL OF A SUDDEN she walks in ;) 

" Oh god I need to lay a FAT JUICY TURD!" she screamed running in sitting hard on the toilet. 

"oh uwu h-hi v-v-v-v-va-vaweewee. uwu. ho-how d-did yo-ou find me uwu" I stuttered. 

"UUUAHAUAUUAUHHHh she moaned full on diahereaing in the toilet. 

it was hot. 

*knock knock* " ey stop fucking in the bathroom thats nasteh!" Soup yelled from the outside.

she rusted through the door, dark orbs glistening in anger. 

only tp her surprise there was nothing of the sorts going on. 

I went completely red, she thought we were secks? uwu

Vaweewee winked at her.

I cried 

she followed soup out, not flushing, or whipping her seckc arse. 

for the rest of the sorrowful night I sat crying in the bathroom, rejected, spooning mouthfuls of her diaherea. 

the end. 


written by soup dedicated to Awicks 

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