Mind Puzzles

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These Mind Puzzles each have a scary hidden meaning. Can you identify the creepy story in each one? Spend some time thinking about the stories, and if you can't figure them out, look for the answers in the comments section below.

Mind Puzzles
1. Witness

My neighbors think I am a nosey old woman, but today I witnessed a murder. I was looking out my window when I saw something through the window of the apartment building opposite mine. A man was in the middle of murdering a woman. The strange thing was, after he finished strangling her, he turned around and our eyes met. It was eerie. Then he pointed at me and kept staring at me for a minute of two. All the time he was staring at me, his finger kept moving. I called the police a few minutes ago and they told me I will have to go down to the police station and give a statement tomorrow morning. I'm sure they will catch him. I saw his face very clearly.

2. My Son is Psychic

It's hard being a mother. I recently found out my son is psychic. He's got this habit of pointing at people's faces sometimes. My husband and I realized that whenever our son points at somebody like that, it means they're going to die within three days. Last year, he pointed at his grandfather. Three days later, his grandfather died of a heart attack. A few months ago, he pointed at a picture of a famous actress in a magazine. Three days later, she was killed in a car accident. Today, when I went to turn on the TV, my son was pointing at the screen. When I turned it on, the President was giving a speech. I can't believe the President is going to die, but my son is never wrong.

3. Murder on the Second Floor

My wife and I took a much-needed holiday in England. It's a long flight from New York to London. We checked into a nice hotel. After a long day of sightseeing we just collapsed into bed. Just a few minutes ago, we were woken up by some noises outside. I looked out the window and the police were everywhere. They yelled up at me that there was a robbery and a murder on the second floor. I'm on the third floor, and I can see that the cops have the stairs and elevators locked down. The murderer can't get up to our floor, so we're in no danger. My wife and I are tired, so we're going back to bed. I really hope they catch the guy.

4. Train

My job means I'm always on a train. I was on the train again today when suddenly a woman appeared in front of me. I can remember her face clearly. It's really depressing.

5. My Wife Was Attacked

My wife was attacked by a burglar when I was on my way home from work. She stabbed him with a butcher knife and killed him. The police say it's an obvious case of self-defence.

When I went to pick her up from the police station, she said, "When I heard the doorbell I thought it was you, but then a masked man jumped me as soon as I opened the door!"

"You must've been so scared," I said, "but you're safe now." I hugged her tightly.

6. Little Brother

I used to have a little brother. The only memory I have of him is when I used share the boiled sweets I bought at the shop with him. My little brother still lives on in our hearts, even though he was only one month old when he died. I still miss him.

7. Murder Weapon

Sometimes I wonder what the police are doing these days. They never seem to be able to solve any crimes. I live in a city that has a lot of crime and lately it's been getting worse. Last week, there was a murder near the factory where I work. A young woman was stabbed with an ice pick. Not just an ordinary ice pick, but one with a skull and crossbones on the handle. Everyone who lives in the area is really freaking out. It's a big city, but this latest murder has everybody talking. It's been pretty heavily covered in the media. My mother, who lives with me, is scared to go out at night. I keep telling her not to worry, but she knows the police are not going to solve the murder. They haven't even found the murder weapon yet. The police are so incompetent.

8. Diary

My wife died of cancer in April. For the past 4 months, it's just been me and my son. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's my reason to live. We both miss my wife so much. Today, I was rummaging through some drawers in the bedroom and I found a diary. The handwriting inside is definitely my wife's, but she didn't write very much. The few entries she did make are very strange. I flipped to the end to see what she was writing just before she died. This is what she wrote:

02/15: My life with you had just begun.
02/21: I was made to be with you.
03/12: Death cannot separate us.
04/13: I will never let you go.
04/21: I don't have much time.
05/06: Do you understand?

I keep reading it over and over but I can't figure out what she was trying to tell me.

9. Prison

I got out of prison last week. I killed four people. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad about it now. The reason they let me out of prison was they said I was cured. My mother and father don't work, they just spend all their time sitting around the house. My sister is shut in her room, with the radio on. She stopped going to college. Before I went to prison, I used to play with my little brother all the time. Now he just lies in front of the TV. Nobody in my family talks to me anymore. I feel so alone. I have to make all my own meals. Worst of all, I'm probably going to have to get a job now.

10. Apartment

Today has just been a disaster. I woke up late and had to skip breakfast. Then I forgot to lock the door when I went to work. To make matters worse, my boss spent the entire day yelling at me. I barely make enough money to pay the rent. My apartment has just two rooms, a bedroom and a kitchen. It doesn't even have a window facing outside. I missed my bus this evening, so I got home late. Worst of all, when I got back to my apartment and unlocked the door, I found my kitchen had been ransacked. Someone must have broken in while I was at work. I don't know why, I mean, I have nothing worth stealing. I'm so tired, I just want to go to bed. I'll file a police report in the morning.

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