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I'm just an ordinary girl with not so normal life. I mean so what if I'm tortured everyday after school? I know it may not sound good, but it is beneficial for me. They torture my body to make me stronger.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Belle Kinomo and this is my story. "Hey! Are you okay?" I heard someone and saw a hand waving in my face.

I snap out the trance I was in and looked at the person who was waving their hand in my face. I look up and see my sister Momo.

"Lunch just started, come on you need to eat something." Momo said gently. I nodded and got and walked with my sister to cafeteria.

We got in line and I got Miso ramen and my sister got something else. I only wear my hood because I don't want anyone to know my face except my family.

I have Heterochromia, one eye is is blue the other one is half yellow. We went outside because no one liked eating out there.

Went to sit in a tree and when we got higher I took my hood off and let my long silver  hair loose and it reached my back. We found a sturdy branch we sat on it and started eating.

I finished first, put my hood back on, and walked to the edge of the branch. I guess that part was not sturdy as the place we were sitting, since it snapped.

I was falling and shrugging my shoulders while doing doing so. Then it hit me I may not survive the fall even though I withstand a large amount of pain. Tears start to fall. 'Is this is really how I'm going to die?' I thought while falling.

"Someone help me!" I cried out, when I got no response I started bawling. I said my final prayer. I see raven colored hair.

"Hey!"  I called out making him look up at me. His eyes widen as he started to start to run towards me.  I landed in his arms.

"Thank you, thank you so much." I whispered before I started crying again. "Sh... It's okay you're safe now." He cooed quietly while rubbing my back soothingly.

I cried into his chest until my sister came. "Belle are you okay?! Milo what happened?! Why is my twin crying?!" Momo exclaimed.

"I fell out the tree and almost died. But Milo saved me, thank you again Milo." I said and smiled even though he couldn't see it.

"No problem, are you sure you're Belle? The one I know is super cold and blunt." Milo said jokingly.

"Very funny! I can't be cold to someone who saved my life. What can I do to repay you?" I asked sincerely. "Don't cold towards me in public and can you take off your hood?" Milo asked.

"Okay I agree with your terms." I said simply. Momo looked at with shock clearly present on her face. That's because the teachers have been trying to get me to take it off, I coldly declined to.

I even called my parents and they told the teachers to lay off. My hood stayed on for that day on. I took off my hood. "Your eyes are pretty." Milo said. I felt heat rush to my face. "Thanks?" I asked more than stating.

"Your welcome." Milo said with bright smile. The bell rung that signaled lunch was over.

I put my hood back on and started to run back to the classroom, with Momo and Milo following. We made it back right before the bell rung.

Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy, I mean what we were panting. Milo's hands were on his knees, Momo doing the same.

I have my hands on back facing upwards. "Milo, Momo lets go sit." I said after regaining my breath.

They nodded. I heard murmurs like.  "Aw what, Milo is hanging out the hooded girl? No way." "I  heard that she only lets her sister near her." "No one knows what she looks like well except her sister."


That's all folks!

See ya my little souls.
This was dedicated to OceansInfinity

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