2. Somewhere alone

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It's been two months since I saw Camila,she's been stuck in my head, and since we see each other in the hallways all the time I find it so awkward, as soon as we make eye contact both of us look down."She's so damn fine I say to myself."  The bell rings "Ugh I got English" I strolled to my English class, I guess it wasn't so bad since I sit next to Camila her perfume was so intoxicating.While the teacher was going on about poetry all I could do was think of Camila it was almost like a constant thing now....I'm into her.

Camila's POV
It's been two months and all I can think about is Y/N everything about her gave me butterflies, I wish that I could call her mine, we were sitting next to each other in English class and  we still haven't spoken to eachother like had an full on convosation with her considering I've been here for two months..... maybe she don't like me.

I hear my mate Justin call my name,he knew how I felt about Camila and throw a paper ball at me I looked at him like wtf I opened the paper out and it was an invite to his house party for his 16th birthday I looked at Camila straight away as she received one as well I asked her "Are you going?" And she said "Sure, why not?" She gave me a kind smile,  we already knew eachother names and we started convosating 'I've never felt so attracted to a girl before' I thought in my head "I like your hair" She said, as I blushed and looked down "I like your smile" I said making her blush as well.

A few days later....

Camila's POV
It's the day of Justin's house party and I'm super excited, mostly cause Y/N's  gonna be there it's was 6pm and the party started at 7 pm, I put on skinny jeans a crop top and a snap back,I always had a thing for hats I don't know why and I didn't want to wear a dress cause I know I'll regret it.... I put on my favourite Adidas trainers and sprayed my favourite Chanel perfume.I needed to make sure I looked and smelled nice not for anyone else but Y/N.

So many questions were running through my head while getting ready...what if Camila doesn't turn up...I'll be heartbroken I talked to myself and I put on some jeans,a chequered black and red shirt and my black VANS on i looked across the room and saw my perfumes I was thinking in my head..'What if', grabbed the most expensive one there and sprayed on my neck chest and wrist I then finished it off with some body spray and put on my black watch I put on my jacket and left the house i wasn't driving besides Justin lives like 15 minutes away.

I walked to his house party it already looked like there was A LOT of people, I looked at my watch and it was 7:30, oh well 30 minutes won't hurt,I opened the front door to his house and straight way I saw people making out,drinking,laughing,playing games and talking.I made my way to the kitchen were I saw all my mates, "AYYYY IT'S Y/N!" We all did our own handshakes and greeted eachother I gave Justin his birthday present which was a earing(As he had his left ear pierced) he said thanks and gave me a comforting hug, I left saying hi to everyone else I knew, but someone was missing and I looked around walking around the house,where was Camila?

Camila's POV
I was standing at the front of Justin's house I didn't want to go in, afraid of being judged but I had to do this for Y/N.

I opened the door and walked in, it was just like a classic house party people making out, drinking,playing games,talking and laughing.I kept walking down the hall and entered the kitchen, i saw all of Y/N friends but where was she?I tried to not make eye contact with them as I didn't know them, and scared to say anything,i grabbed a soft drink and I see everyone around me drinking pints of beer and shots of Vodka.

I didn't want to go everywhere in the house i wasn't too scared of being pushed around and laughed at, i just didn't want something to go wrong. I just sat on a couch in the living room everyone was around me standing up and one couple was on the sofa making out with eachother sitting up.

I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl ever nice shoes nice jeans nice shirt nice fac- wait a minute holy crap that Y/N omg she looked so fine I just wanted to hold her close to me I can't believe that she even exists I started to blush instantly she looked at me and made eye contact with me she gave a hot smile, I bit my lip and looked down she came and sat next to me smiling..this is gonna a great night!

I was talking to Camila all night it just felt so right talking to someone that I felt comfortable with, we started making jokes and laughing our asses of.

She said "that's adorable" after I told her about my puppy that jumps on me when I leave the house, and we looked at eachother,staring into each others eyes it felt so right to be in the moment I wasn't gonna stop I wanted her, suddenly I felt something heavy on my back it was the couple making out next to us and that made me get closer to Camila and I didn't mind that but I was like "woah woah personal space" and Camila laughed.

"Do you wanna be alone somewhere?" I asked and she said "yeah" I got up and started walking I looked back and she was following me, I reached out my hand and she actually held it and it helped us get through the crowds up the stairs "finally" I thought to myself somewhere alone

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