1. Crush

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Your POV (point of view)
It's been such a long day all I wanna do is go home at this point, I was sitting at the lunch table with my mates we were just talking casually, until I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, long brown hair,kind chocolate eyes and she was wearing black VANS,skinny jeans, a cute shirt and a snap back.My eyes were glued to her, I hit my mate with the back of my arm while still looking at her; "Who's that?" I asked him "Oh that's this new girl in our year called Camila," he said with no expression."She's Flawless!" I said with my eyes still glued to her, then i turned to my mate and he said "She may be super hot but she's also good at playing hard to get and rejecting people, the whole jock team tried making a move on her and she turned all of them down, I'm guessing if she's into you she'll be nice."

Camila's POV

I walk into the lunch room confused, I had no idea what was going on i sit at a table all alone and pull out my folder and lunch bag. I look around the room and see the most beautiful girl ever, she was with her mates laughing, and taking short looks at me, I look down shly and smile looking back up again, omg she was so pretty she had long black hair,light brown eyes,perfect smile and she was showing her straight white teeth and she was wearing a shirt with skinny jeans and converse shoes I was interested in her style.She looked at me again "SHIT!" I think in my head "I think she saw me staring!" I look the other way and see the jocks glaring at me, they didn't like the fact that I turned them all down "I didn't want them, I wanted the girl from across the room...I've only been here a few days and I've already got a crush...oh boy" I thought to myself.

Note from Author:Sorry this is so short I'll try make them more long as I progress!

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