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Fifth Year.

If there was ever an appropriate time to pull a prank, it was unknown to the Marauder's. However, their pranks were put on hold this year. Any spare time they got, they worked on turning into animagi for Remus. The group had grown quite close the past five years. After meting Peter at the sorting, their brotherhood was completed. There was nothing they wouldn't do for each other. They usually went into the shrieking shack after curfew, their dorm during free periods, and even empty classrooms before dinners. So far Sirius was the only one who had managed to show significant change; he had been to change everything from the waist up into a dog. James had only sprouted antlers from his head, while Peter grew rat-like buckteeth. 

Sirius spoke, his bark echoing around the torn up bedroom. He sat on the bed, reverting back to himself. Scratching his head in a very dog-like manner, he watched James whom was attempting to remove his antlers from the chandelier above. 

"Bloody twigs!" James muttered. Tearing his head away, he crouched to the floor and crawled over to the bed. "Any luck, Pete?"

Peter turned around, showing off his small tail. "I 'spose," he said meekly. Glass was scattered about the floor from Remus's latest episode a few weeks ago. There was just enough left on the mirror frame for Peter to get a glimpse of his new addition. "Not too bad, eh?"

"It's been months," Sirius groaned, "How much longer until we get this down?"

James shrugged, carefully sitting beside him as not to get his antlers stuck in anything else. "It takes most wizards their whole lives to get this down, we're making good progress mate."

"I just feel so bad, like we can't do anything when he transforms the next few months!" 

"A few more months alone will be worth having us around for a lifetime," Peter said. 

James nodded in agreement, "Yeah, Peter's right, mate. We'll transform every full moon with him until the day we die. We're the fucking Marauder's. What could break us apart?" The floorboards creaked outside the room as Remus appeared around the corner. Leaves stuck out of his hair, and his clothes were covered with dirt. "Have a fight with the whomping willow?" 

"I tried to throw a rock at the knot, but it just wouldn't hit it!" Remus exclaimed. 

Sirius chuckled, "No offense Rem, but there's a reason you commentate the quidditch games instead of playing."

"Come on it's almost time for dinner. Oh, and Mary MacDonald just told me Professor Slughorn's stuck in the trick step."

Both Sirius and James's face lit up. Peter and James ran out of the house through the passage, while Sirius trailed behind Remus. 

"Hurry up Remus, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make fun of Slughorn to his face!" Sirius exclaimed, pushing Remus through the passage. 

"Oi!" Remus shouted, "I'm running, I'm running!"

Peter and James were already half-way up the hill heading back to the castle when they emerged from the trapdoor. 

"For a bloke with nice legs, you run slow," Sirius said, hauling himself from the tree root. 

"Nice legs?" Remus questioned with a laugh. 

Sirius's eyes widened, "Er - yeah...I've got brilliant legs and I run twice as fast as you!" Remus rolled his eyes. "Come on, then!" He ran ahead as Remus followed in suit. Nice legs? he thought. Really? 

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