Hi,Today is wonderful but something is bothering me.It's start after we kill that demon or something.Huh,Who cares about that?.


''Oh no,I'm ganna be late"-I said while running

"Good Morning"-Ryouko said

''Hi,Reiko"-Okumura said

''Oh,Hi"-I said                                                                                                                                                                  *I wonder why Ryouko and Okumura are always together.I must know it*

After that we make it to the classroom...

"I thought you will be late"-Yukiteru said                                                                                                             *Curses,I thought she will be late*

"I can read your mind"-Reiko said

"I'm Sorry"-Yukiteru said

"Me and Okumura will seat now"-Ryouko said

"Okay"-I said

"Aren't you wondering?"-I asked

"Of what?"-Yukiteru said

"Of why Ryouko and Okumura are always together"-I said

"Now you said that it's making me really bother"-Yukiteru said

"let's follow them after school"-I said

"That's a good idea"-Yukiteru said with a creepy smile

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Then the class started----------------------------------------------------

"Good Morning"-Ms.Sawada said

Then Ms.Sawada teach a lesson

*Huh,I wonder why Ryouko and Okumura have a same address.Couldn't be they live in a same house.I need to be sure later*-I think

Then it's break time

"Ryouko,Where is my lunch?"-Okumura asked

"Here you go"-Ryouko said

"Do you live in a same roof?''-I asked

"How did you say?''-Ryouko said

"Because you two have a same lunch and some things"-I said

"N-No.We're no t living together"-Okumura said while sweating

"Okay then"-Yukiteru said

---------------------------------------------the break time is finish then class started---------------------------------



"Good Bye"-Ryouko said thenn leave

"Yukiteru this is our chance let's follow them"-I said

"Okay,Let's go"-Yukiteru said

Then they follow Ryouko and Okumura....

"Okumura?"-Ryouko said

"Yes?"-Okumura said

"I think someone is following us"-Ryouko said

"Okay,Let's run and don't look back"-Okumura said then they run

"Oh no.They are getting away"-Yukiteru said

"Don't worry,I'm faster"-I said proudly

"Fine"-Yukiteru said then they run

After a few minute Ryouko and Okumura make it to their house

"Atlast,We're here"-Okumura said

"Let's go in"-Ryouko said

"So,They really live together"-I said

"Let's go closer to their house"-Yukiteru said

After that Ryouko saw Reiko and Yukiteru,Infront of their house

"So,Their following us"-Ryouko whispered then she told Okumura

"What their outside"-Okumura said

"Yes.So I made a plan"-Ryouko said

"What is your plan?"-Okumura asked

"Here"-Ryouko said

"Good Idea"-Okumura said with a creepy smile

Then they start their plan


"I want to go home"-Yukiteru said

"Okay,Let's go"-I said 

then they walk.while there walking.......

"I think someone is following us"-I said

"Yes I feel it too"--Yukiteru said

After that they saw a monster then they fight it.....................

"Hey,Guys what are you doing here?"-Okumura asked

"There's no need for lying we're following you"-I said

"Is that so"-Ryouko said with a glaire then hit the twi with a paper pan

"We're sorry"-The two said


"I want you to kill the 4 guardians"-A man said

"Yes.Master"-The maid say

To be Continued

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