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I woke up next to this small little body and I remembered I went to this party with my friends and got super drunk.I barely remembered meeting this chick,but I did remember how good the sex was..

I got up slowly to make sure I wouldn't wake her up.I've been doing this whole hit it and quit it thing for a while and I was getting so tired of it,no matter how much it pleasured me physically,mentally I really wasn't pleased with myself.

I put on my clothes and I saw so many hung over people and I left.I really wanted to find my beautiful mate,I knew she was out there,but then I started giving up and I just kept sleeping with other sluts like that chick from last night.I got in my car and drove home cause I still had and hour and a half before school started.

I got home and took a nice hot shower and put on Nike hoodie and some black skinnies my beanie and some black vans.I always wear my leather jacket my mum gave me.I still had 15 minutes to spare and I went downstairs to have breakfast and my wolf started howling trying to get my attention.

I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful girl in the whole universe and I knew deep inside she was my mate.She looked about my age and I realized that she was just moving here with her mum and her brother who looked like he was 25 or something.I wanted to go out there and claim her as mine so bad but I had to hold back the urge. I knew I wasn't going to be able to control myself so I just did what any friendly neighbor would do,which was say hi and give her some food or something like that.I just went outside and walked up to her while she pulled out her luggage.


My mum,brother,and me were moving to this new town,and I felt so horrible because I had to leave all my friends.I told them I would text them and skype them twice a week.I missed them so much but I thought I would give this moving a try.

We pulled up to our new house,I got to admit this house was pretty nice,the door was crystal white and the actual house was so big,I couldn't wait to see my new room.My mum and my brother got out the car once we pulled up to the drive way and I did too.I started to get my luggage and then I heard some heavy footsteps behind me.

This guy was soooooooo HAWT he made me legs feel like jelly and I had this strange feeling that I wanted to kiss him so hard,he could take me right now if he wanted to.He walked up to me and said hey and all I could do was stare at him I was so speechless as how his thick ascent complimented his looks.He had a strong jawline,bright blue eyes and tan skin with muscles that shown even threw his leather jacket.

"Hi...",I said.

"I'm Jasper,what's your name,beautiful?"

"OMFG,he just called me beautiful,act normal you idiot",I thought."Name's Iris",I said nervously.

"That's a really beautiful name and it suits you,everything does",he said looking me up and down.

I tried my hardest not to blush but I knew it wasn't working cause he smirked and chuckled a little.

"Your cheeks get ruby red when you blush,it's really cute."

I kept blushing,and finally spoke again."Do you live around here?" "Of course he does you idiot how do you think he got over here!"I thought."Yeah I live right across from you,so will you be going to Alexander High School?"

"Yeah my mum registered me before we left to come to this town."

"Oh great,will I see you there today?"

"Um....I'm not sure we just got here so.."

"Oh she can start today,I'll take care of your luggage sweetheart,go ahead and go to school",my mum said.

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