The Cool Kids (Series)

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Series: The Cool Kids
Author: berceuses

Title: The Cool Kids
Book: One (Official)
Status: Completed

Eighteen year old Ivanna Scott is headed back to Callaghan for what she suspects will be one hell of a summer. What she doesn't realise is that this summer will not only be completely life-changing, it will also be the summer that she dies.

ReviewLoved it, loved it, loved it! Come on, after reading that blurb, how could you not want to read this amazing novel? Thank you to the awesome, talented berceusesfor gracing Earth with your otherwordly presence, and thank you heaps for writing this novel and its sequel!
So, for me, it started out a little boring, but that's just me. I'm pretty certain it was the cover, the title, the name (Ivanna Scott, people, Ivanna Scott) and especially the blurb that hooked me, made me want to read it. Especially the last line of the blurb. I mean, death? Prophecied death? Cool.
Right, so this book was beautifully original. The chapter titles especially, made me want to laugh. "Summer hasn't started until you wake up naked buried in sand" or something along those lines. Awesome. Yeah.
Anyway. The character development was really good, and you got to see Ivanna's relationship with "ahem" (spoilers) develop slowly but surely, her best friend Keira, you get to see their relationship progressing, and most of all, this story really keeps you on the edge of your seat, just wanting more.
berceuses really has a way of writing that makes her so talented. Keep writing! I really loved this novel, loved it so much, so read it, please, and tell me what you thought below!

Title: The Sinners of Callaghan
Book: Two (Official)
Status: Incomplete

Some sins shouldn't be confessed. But now the sinners have no choice, because it's confess...or pay the price.
Carver Salway will stop at nothing to find out what secrets Callaghan is hiding. Keria Huggan just wants to prove she's innocent.
These two will have to find strength in pain to figure out who committed the murder of best friend and loving girlfriend, Ivanna Scott, and how the past and the present are ultimately connected. If they don't, not only one sinner will walk away unscathed, but the life of their friend will be gone forever.

If you loved the first book, you will definitely love the second book. So again, a shout-out to the ever-amazing and talented berceusesand thank you, thank you, thank you for writing a sequel.
So, in the sequel, Ivanna has been "murdered" already, but technically speaking, she's not dead yet. At least, I don't think so. I think somewhere along the way, Ivanna does die, but I'm not sure.
There are massive spoilers about to be told, so read the first book before reading this review, obviously. Ivanna and Carver had a cute relationship, it was just budding, and Ivanna and Keira's relationship was even more so. Not the cute bit, but the budding bit. In this novel, everybody believes Keira killed Ivanna, but us, as readers, know better.
Again, the sequel is just as original and beautifully written as the first book, the preceding novel, and I really hope the author continues to write it because I would be devastated if she just left it off here! Even more so than Carver. (See what I did there?)
Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

<3 Jess

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