Chapter 28: The only way

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“Isis…conjure up a sharp, long, knife.” He ordered. Fear spiked through me but I was helpless to do anything but comply. The knife I conjured up was deadly. I knew just by holding the golden hilt it was harp enough to cut through anything like butter. The bladed itself looked to be about eight inches. Amin came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso.

“Now Isis…plunge that knife through Gordon’s heart.” His command made my heart stop as I looked at Gordon in horror. My feet began to move towards him.

Chapter 28:

Isis’ POV:

Oh God, oh God, oh God! No! I fought hard against the command. No! He shouldn’t have the power to command me to do this! Wait… “Gordon! Promise you won’t hurt Amin!” I gritted out. He looked at me confused as he was slowly backing away from me. As were the other guys.

“I can’t do that!” He yelled out. “D*mmit Gordon! Do it! The only reason his order is working is because you’re a threat to him!” I yelled out and stumbled as my body pushed itself to him. Realization dawned on him and he went to his knees and abandoned the any weapon’s he had. Which wasn’t much. A couple of pocket knives that were just big enough to cause damage. Oh Gordon…I sighed in my mind. What did he think he could do?

Once he was no longer a threat to Amin I felt the pull to harm him snap. I breathed out a sigh of relief. We heard slow clapping and I turned around to see Amin there with a smirk on his face. “Quick thinking Isis. I’m impressed. However, you and I both know your boy toy here won’t just lay down and watch me take you.” He snickered and quickly walked over to pull me into his side. I felt bile rise in my throat being next to his side again. He took the dagger that was still in my hand as I watched helplessly at the guys and Gordon.

“Please just go.” I begged out in a whisper. I’d go through anything Amin wanted if it meant that they were all safe. Even if that meant going to bed with him. I felt Amin’s arm snake to my bare torso making me shiver in disgust. Gordon snarled at him in response. “I’m not leaving you Isis!” He said clearly. I wanted to kiss and slap him at the same time.

“Isis, go sit on the bed. This will only take a moment.” My heart pounded as my feet carried me to his bed. “Is any of them come at me Isis…snap their necks.” I choked on a sob and had to nod. I couldn’t do it though! I wouldn’t!

Amin made his way slowly to where the guys stood and they all had a stance to get ready to fight. Either way they will lose! Either Amin get’s them or I do. “Please just leave!” I cried out. That was their only way to survive. Gordon looked at his friends. “You guys go.” They were going to protest but he yelled, “GO!” With pained expressions they ran out. Oh, I hope they’re going to get help!

“Aw, how noble of you. Now let’s settle this.” Amin said with a mock pout. “Gordon don’t be stupid! Go with them!” I screamed at him. He was going to die…unless. I looked at the love of my life and then to Amin who was slowly approaching him with precision. I had to…it was worth it.

I closed my eyes and began to open myself up to the black powers. I felt it wash over me immediately drowning me from the inside out. My mind switched into a mode foreign to me. But I held on long enough to get this done. I stood, no longer feeling the pull too much to just obey. “Amin.” I purred at him. His back stiffened and he sluggishly turned to me.

“Put the knife down Amin. I know you don’t want this.” he set it down like he was in a daze. I was hanging on by a thread as the darkness was clawing at me for full control. No! I had to get this done. “Now kick it me. Wouldn’t want to hurt yourself would you?” I caressed his mind into doing what I willed. Gordon too was in a daze but to him, he wouldn’t be fully effected. Min did as he was asked of and soon I held the knife in my possession.

“Come to me Amin.” I purred seductively. He stumbled over to me. Using every once of myself that I had left I enchanted the long knife by pricking myself and coating the blade in my own blood. I knew what I had to do, and the only way to achieve this was to give into the black powers.

“Say goodbye Amin.” I murmured before stabbing him straight through the heart. He gasped and stumbled back. I could barely make sense of anything anymore as the shadow clung to my every pore on the inside. I knew Amin would die. The black powers would ensure that, so with the last bit of control I had I raced over to Gordon and kissed him goodbye.

My lips seared onto his with such fever that I knew it shocked him. I pulled away and saw he was more in a daze. “I love you so much. Never forget that.” I whispered and stepped back. I couldn’t hold on anymore and let go of the control.

Gordon’s POV:

“I love you so much. Never forget that.” Isis whispered to me after the mind blowing kiss. I was still in a slight daze so I didn’t realize she had stepped away until she was near Amin’s body. My hand reached out for her but I stopped short and gasped as I saw her eyes go black.

Not just her iris, but her entire eye. There were no whites, just an empty black abyss. “I-Isis?” I asked. She merely chuckled but it sounded so dark and evil that it made a shiver travel down my spine. She slowly walked to me then circled me lost in thought. Hell, maybe even lost in mind. It suddenly hit me what she did! Oh no Isis, you didn’t! I grabbed her shoulders.

“Isis! Snap out of it! I know you can do it.” She choked slightly but ripped herself out of my grasp. “I’m not letting that weakling back control. The only reason you’re standing there and not six feet under  garbage is because if you die it will hurt like a b*tch. Now get away from me.” She disappeared in a cloud of choke inducing smoke.

Sh*t! I hurried downstairs and grabbed at my phone. “Corbin!” I said as I ran to my car, into my phone. The guys took a separate car here when we all went together. “Oh good you’re okay!” He said in relief. I slammed my car door.

“Listen! Isis killed Amin by giving into becoming a dark genie, and now she’s disappeared! I don’t know what to do man! I’ve lost her again!” I cried out angry. I heard him suck a breath through his teeth. “What can we do?” He asked as he relayed what happened to the guys. I slammed my hand down on the steering wheel.

“I don’t know! D*mmit! I can’t lose her again. I’ll be home in a few minutes. We can discuss this there.” Before I could hang up Corbin interrupted me, “Wait! What about…the body?” He asked. I groaned and hung up. I couldn’t think about that right now.

Thankfully the cops in town knew what my car looked like and didn’t pull over as I sped all the way to my house. Once there my tires screeched as I all but sprinted into the door. The guys were there having an argument. “Guys!” I yelled out to get there attention. They all stopped and walked over to where I was. Everything that has happened in the past couple hours were beginning to way down on me.

“I need to sit.” I mumbled and literally just sat on the floor. My heart hurt, my head spun, and my entire body felt worn out and tired. “What can we do?” Corbin asked. I shook my head. “I don’t know. I have no f*cking clue. She could be half way around the world now!” I yelled. Corbin, Benny, and Lyle all smirked at me.

“I don’t think she’ll stay there though.” I gave them a confused look before Lyle brought out her lamp! “How-?” I asked perplexed and cradled it gently in my hands. Lye high-fived Benny. “We saw it laying on a counter on our way out. Just rub it real quick and get her back.” I shook my head.

“No, we need to be smart about this.” I started. I couldn’t just rub her lamp and then expect her to not to persuade me to give it back to her. Not when she’s this far gone. I tried to think of some way to get my Isis back to me.

“Hey, isn’t there someone we can talk to genie wise?” Corbin asked after we were all silently thinking. The light bulb went off in my head as I grinned, “That’s it!” I exclaimed. “Kruse is Lydia’s older brother. From what I could tell the last time I saw him, he was responsible and punished Isis for disobeying! He has to help some how!” I paused. “But how do I get him here?” I asked myself.

“Why not just call out to him? What? I’ve seen it in the movies. Maybe it would work here?” Benny asked. My eyebrows furrowed. It was worth a shot. “Kruse! Kruse can you hear me?!” I yelled out feeling foolish, but this was for Isis. I’d do it naked if I had to. “Maybe scream a little louder?” Lyle suggested.

“KRUSE!” I screamed. “No need to shout little one.” We all turned to see Kruse standing there looking bored. “Is there a reason you have summoned me here? I have mush to do, and you are interrupting that.” I looked at him desperately.

“Your sister Lydia helped Amin kidnap Isis, who took her lamp. I found them at Amin’s house and was going to fight him, but he ordered Isis to kill and hurt all of us if we did.” I faltered. “She,…she gave into the dark powers to save me, and killed Amin. Now she’s gone. Please. I need your help to get her back. We have her lamp.” I explained. He looked so angry, that I would never admit it scared the crap out of me.

“Lydia!!!” He roared out. He then pointed to me, “If you’re lying I will burn you where you stand got it?” I nodded quickly and soon Lydia appeared looking just as bored as when Kruse showed up, that is until she spotted us. Then she looked panicked. “I see by your expression this young one was right. Lydia! How could you?! You know they are destined ones!” My heart pounded at what he had just said.

I’ve always suspected it, but didn’t know for sure until Kruse said it out loud. Lydia looked down at her feet in shame. Good, the little b*tch deserved it. I was elated that Isis and I were destined ones, but it made my heart ache for her even more.

“He humiliated me! What was I supposed to do? Just sit back and take it?!” She yelled back. Kruse grabbed her roughly by the arm and forced her to look at him. “Do you realize what you’ve done?! One is dead and she is now a dark genie! Now two will have to die because of your pride!” He spat in her face in distain. She cringed while I walked closer.

“What?! What do you mean two will die?!” I asked outraged. He turned to me with a solemn expression and sighed. “We must…get rid of any dark genies. I’m sure you can understand how dangerous they are.” I got closer to him feeling my heart crack further.

“You c-can’t kill her! Please!” I begged. He placed a hand on my shoulder that weighed me down even further. “Gordon…she’s extremely dangerous right now. If she wanted to she could start world war three. She now has no more bounds, which means she could do whatever she pleased. I’m sorry but there’s nothing more we can do.” He finished sadly. I shook my head and glared at him.

“No! Let me at least try. Please.” I finished brokenly. He took a deep breath but hesitantly nodded. “The only reason I’m giving you a chance is because maybe…and that’s a big maybe, you’ll be able to pull her out. I will put a restriction on her so she can’t disappear long enough to give you a shot. I tell you now…if she is unable to pull out of her darkened state, I will execute her. Understood? You will have ten minutes. That’s all I can grant, any more than that, an I will be putting all of our lives at risk.” He told me with a firm tone.

I swallowed harshly but nodded. This was my only chance. Lydia stepped up to me but my glare forced her to stay put. “Do. Not. Talk. To. Me.” I grounded out. She nodded and turned around. She looked guilty, which I was glad. She needed to. After all this is over I hope I never see her again.

“Rub the lamp Gordon.” Kruse instructed. I looked at all the guys then to him before sighing and rubbing the lamp.


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