Cherry Knots (Single)

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Title: Cherry Knots
Author: hepburnettes
Status: Completed

Declan Harte has never had trouble landing girls, or dating them, until it comes down to the ultimate determining factor of every romantic relationship.
So, when Eloise McAllister, the quiet girl of the class, surprises everyone by tying a cherry knot with her tongue during a challenge, Declan knows that she will be the one who can help him perfect his kissing techniques (and hopefully, not scaring the girls away).
It should have been easy. After all, what kind of trouble could one little, insignificant cherry knot possibly bring?

Amazing. This was freaking amazing. I have no words as to how beautifully written, how original, this Wattpad novel was. Let me say something: if you haven't read this novel, you haven't lived. Dedicated to the lovely, amazing, inspiring hepburnettesfor this awesome book!
Alright. So, there was one particular thing that drew me to reading this. Not only was it somewhere high up in the ranks of books written by many authors, but it's title: Cherry Knots, was enough for me to click "Read Blurb". I mean, come on, how many books have you read that includes, is based around, cherry knots? That's right: none. At least, for me, before I read this book, I'd never even heard of cherry knots!
The plot of this was so amazingly original that I had to read it. Most books nowadays are based totally on the good-girl and bad-boy relationships, or the abused girl too scared to let in the popular boy, or something. Cliche. But let me tell you this: this amazing book has none of that. Sure, Declan Harte is popular and known among the school population, and Eloise McAllister is the sort-of nerd, but come on, people, live a little. Every good romance novel has to contain some amount of cheesiness. It's normal.
However, this novel was so original. It was amazing, and inspiring, and just so damn awesome! Even the blurb was original. Of course, from my previous reviews, obviously I look for some amount of originality, but never, ever, had I hoped I would find this marvellous creation (hehe).
What can I say? This story was hilarious and comedic, however, there was some amount of seriousness contained within the main character, contained within their past and what they had been through.
Just go and read the damn book. Trust me, you won't regret it.

<3 Jess

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