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"Wahh, she's good." Dino groaned.

I chuckled, patting him on the head.

I'm with my unit members, and we just finished our dance class with one of our choreographers, who is working in Pledis. After learning the choreo, he chose a girl that was great in dancing.

She got the attitude.

What really shook us was when she did b-boy as her free style. All of us were cheering for her.

I'm impressed.

"I'm jealous." Hoshi faked a tear. Jun side-hugged him as Hoshi placed his head on Jun's chest.

"I know right. I hope that we could still see her." I said, chuckling at their expressions. Jun suddenly smirked at my way, and went towards me.

He pinched my cheek, "Liking her?"

"Ooooo, hyung is crushing on her. So cutee!" Dino exclaimed happily. He and Hoshi were fan boying by jumping continuously.

I groaned, removing Jun's arm around my shoulders, "Shut up you three."

"Admit it already." Hoshi wiggled his eyebrows, then dramatically punched me on the chest.

"Whatever." I walked further away, leaving them. They're calling my name but I ignored them..

But I found myself smiling widely.

The Next Day

I ran to the practice room because I know that I'm freakin' late for practice. My mom had arrived here in Seoul to have a reunion with me. I needed to pick her up.

I'm really happy to see her again. My dad will be here soon.


My head hurts so bad. I shut my eyes tightly. I felt a bit dizzy.

"Argh." A soft voice said.

I opened my eyes to face the same girl last night. She's wearing an over-sized yellow sweater and ripped jeans.

She's pretty.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when she nudged me, softly. Even though she's near to me, there's still the same beauty.

"Uhm, hello?"


She smiled, "Let me help you."

She took my hand as I pulled myself up. I patted some dirt off of my pants.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't look where I was going." I apologized.

"No, I should be the one who should apologize. I was looking at my phone." she shake her head in disapproval.

"Anyways, I watched you last night. You were good in b-boying." I smiled at her, trying to change the topic.

She blushed, "Thanks. I also saw you with your other unit members."

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