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Walking hand in hand in the park with my boyfriend. He came from the building because they're having their Japan Mini Album. He's really busy since these past few months. We didn't got the chance to get to see each other like the old times, but as a supportive girlfriend I am, I let him do his thing. I can't just tell him to quit his career just for me when it's his dream to be an Idol. I will say that I'm a proud girlfriend.

When the fans knew about me being Mingyu's girl, everyone was shocked, and surprised. We're secretly dating for 3 years already. The boys knew about our relationship, and we have to keep it to ourselves first. They understand. Even PDnim knew about it, and surprisingly, he didn't get mad. He accepted everything about us which is great.

I was the one who wanted to keep this as a secret because it's really hard if you are dating an Idol. If they know, you don't know whether they support you or hate you. I was really scared but Mingyu was there by my side. I'm lucky to have him.

Until I told myself that I can't keep this to ourselves because I always see articles about him being shipped with other female Idols. I kinda get jealous about it, but I know that everyone doesn't know our relationship yet. So, a great excuse for my jealousy.

Then, the day came. Some supported us, while there are others who are giving hates, but who cares about them when your love is stronger than the hate they're giving. Nobody can stop us.

"Hey babe, you okay there?" A voice boomed through my ears.

I turned to my right, and nodded, "Yeah. Are we here?"

He chuckled, "Yup. You were too fed up with your thoughts, huh? Are you thinking about me?" Then, a smirk played on his plump lips.

"In your life." I smack him playfully on the head. He winced, pouting.

Mingyu pulled me in a tight hug as we stopped at a nice view.

"Yah, that hurts." he mumbled through my neck that gives me chills down my spine. His head was hung down low because he's so tall, and I'm at an average height for a girl.

You know what I mean.

After hours of telling funny stories, Mingyu pulled me abruptly from my sitting position on the bench.

"I want you to close your eyes."

"What? Why?"


"Wait, are you kidnapping me?!"

He shakes his head, eyes were wide. "N-no! I would never do that to my love."

I blushed, "I'm just kidding, babe." Then, hit him on the chest, chuckling.

He pulled a red bandana out of his pockets, and gave it to me. "Wear it."

I took it without hesitation because I trust him. I placed it on my eyes while he helped me tying it.

"Hold my hand. Don't let go."

I hold his hand tightly, afraid to let go. We walked for about a minute before I was stopped on my tracks.


I didn't move any muscle.

"You can take off the bandana."

I did what he told me. I felt butterflies flying on my stomach. My heart beats so fast that I need to go to the hospital to check if it's still in good condition.

There are fairy lights and candles around. The rest of the Seventeen are standing not far away from where I am.

Vernon was the first who gave me a rose.

"You're a lucky girl." he smiled, then pulled me in a hug. I gave him a smile in return when we pulled away, getting teary.

After everyone had already gave their roses to me, the one and only man whom I love since the day I laid my eyes on, was walking towards me with a bouquet of flowers.

Tears are already flowing down on my cheeks. I saw my and his' parents with the others, tears were rolling down on their faces too.

"(Y/N), thank you for giving me the strength that I need. You're always there for me. I'm sorry that I was not there by your side when you needed me. You're my everything, and I will never ask for more. All I want is us to be together, forever and ever, infinity to beyond. I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you for being the strong woman I know. Please stay pretty and funny all the time. You are perfect on your own ways. I didn't regret on asking you to be my girlfriend because I know we're meant for each other. Also, I know that you're the one for me. Always remember that you will always have a special part here," he pointed on his chest where his heart is located. "...in my heart. I love you so so so much."

He got done on one knee. He was holding a red velvet box, and opened it, revealing a shiny diamond ring.

"May I have the honor to ask you to be my beautiful wife?"

I closed my eyes, trying to control myself from falling on my knees.

"Yes, I will be your beautiful wife."

Everyone cheered for us. Suddenly, there are flowers that were thrown to us.

"WOOHOO I LOVE YOU BOTH!" DK shouted in happiness.

All of us laughed at him. I shook my head with a huge smile.

I turn my gaze from them to my fiancé, who has the biggest smile on his face, and he's also crying. He puts the ring on my finger. We are smiling because it fits perfectly. He pulled me in a lovingly, tight hug.

"I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N)."

"I love you too Kim Mingyu."

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