Alpha's baby.

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Oh god. What did I do last night? Why am I so sore? Hmm let me think. I remember my 'friend' telling me that I needed to get out of the house. That I needed to party for just one night. So I let her talk me into coming to this party. Then I remember drinking a beer then another and another and so on. Then I remember not caring and drinking a couple of red cups. After that....crap I got nothing.

I roll over and hit something hard. I open my eyes, look up and almost scream. Holy shit! This cannot be happening. I panic.

Laying next to me is the fucking future alpha NAKED. I lift up the sheets and I'm naked too. Not good, not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL! One I swore I'd never land up as one of his bed buddies. This is the fucking alpha. Man whore central here. Virgins come to him to lose it. Boys come to him to learn.


I quickly and quietly get out of bed and get dressed. I sneak out of his room. Quietly. Yeah like I'm making any noise. I don't want to wake him up. Maybe I'll get lucky and he won't remember. I sneak downstairs and out the door. I let out the breath I realize I was holding when I shut the door behind me. I quickly take off walking.

I can't believe I lost my virginity to the freaking alpha. I swore I'd save myself for my mate. He's going to hate me once I find him. He's never going to want me. And I lost it the worst way possible. Drunk. I wanted my first time special and with my mate.

I start crying feeling horrible. I'm so stupid. I never wanted this to happen. Never. I'm a stupid whore and everyone is going to know. I can't believe I did that. When I reach home I quietly open the door hoping no one is home. Luckily their not.

I roll my eyes. Like that's anything new.

They probably didn't even realize I left much less didn't come home. I run to my room and take a shower. Trying to wash away the filth. Or maybe I just feel that way. I feel dirty, cheap and used. After my hour long scolding hot shower I check myself in the mirror and it's bad. I got hickey's all over my body. I go to room and change clothes, fall on the bed and let my tears fall. I'm such a whore. How could I have been so stupid? I can't believe I did that. I never meant for it to happen. I don't know how it happen. I've never done anything remotely like that.

I stayed in my room until my so called mother called me down for dinner.

"Hi mother." I mutter.

"Hi Sienna." see we don't have a relationship. We don't anything.

"Where is everybody?" it's odd. Usually they have a family dinner. I'm surprised I got invited to this one.

"Your father is working. Your sister is at your aunts for the weekend and your brother is at Martin's." I just nod.

Yeah THEY are the perfect family. I'm the black sheep. I care more about my grades. Then I do beauty pageants or football. Luckily I'm the oldest and am out of here I'm a next year. I'm a junior in high school, 17, a few friends not many.

Wait I'm not really sure if you'd call them my friends.

There's Amber she's a slut. The one that talked me into going to that party. I think she only wanted me to go and hangs out with me because no one else will hangout with her. They guys only come around when they want a booty call.

Then there's Callie. I think she only hangs out with me so I'll do her homework for her. Well as she says it help her but really I land up doing it for her. It's kinda obvious. I mean come on the only time she hangs out with me is after school when she has homework. Yeah I'm not stupid but I am because I put up with it. Plus she's another whore.

After a silent dinner I go back up to my room and hear my phone ringing. I pick it up and it's a unknown number. Now I'm not that stupid I never answer those. I also ignore my text from Amber. A few seconds after the ringing stops a text pops up. 'Hey call me I need to talk to you' it says. Who the hell would want me to call them? Must be someone wanting me to do their homework for them. Hmm Callie probably promised someone I would do it for them. See what I mean by 'friend'. It's my own fault though.

I spend the rest of the night in my room ignoring text from Amber and listening to music.

The next day I get up and take a shower, get dressed and go downstairs. To see mom, dad and my brother eating breakfast.

"Morning." I mumble.

"Morning." mom says. Dad just ignores me and my loving brother grunts. I roll my eyes. If my mom didn't have to talk to me she wouldn't as far as dad is concerned he doesnt have too. My brother and sister say the minimum. Only if it benefits them. So yeah. I can't wait till I get the hell out of here. I also notice that she didn't make me breakfast. "Thanks for breakfast." I sarcastically say. I hate my parents. We have a non existing relationship.

"I forgot." is all mom says. I snort at that. How could you forget your own daughter when your already making breakfast for the rest of your family. I make me a bowl of cereal and go back to my room. I check my phone again and I have more text from the unknown wanting me to call and from Amber just saying hi. I know there's more to that then hi. I eat my cereal then do my homework. After my homework I do my laundry and clean my room. The rest of the day I watch tv, listen to music and ignore my phone. I'm in no mood to talk to Amber. And this other person I thought about texting them back them back and cussing them out telling them I'm not going to do their homework but I decided against it. I finally crawl into bed dreading tomorrow. I hope no one knows about my screw up. I guess I should call Amber. She would know if something was up. Nah I'll just talk to her tomorrow.


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