That's right I also have magic. I mean I can atleast use it has a distraction. If my hypothesis is right magic is based on our imagination and mentality. So maybe I can incorporate my previous life information into magic. Well lets see I can make a water ball.I closed my eyes.So if I imagine a water wall made of small water particles present in the atmosphere present in the moisture surrounding us to coagulate this could actually work .

At the same time a huge water wall was raised from the ground .

When I opened my eyes I saw nothing. My life sucks.. Why god why.why cant I  atleast have some help regarding my scenario.

I accidently tripped on rock while cursing.Wait is the ground wet .Woah it actually worked.Thank you god you didn't forget me you are such a sweatheart..

So I kept on practicing weelli basically got the hang of it .if imagination is the key cant I use my space magic in the same way into something more productive rather than storing stuff. I will try that for later.

I ran for 10 laps around the academy.While running I heard some screams from the dorms. did they see a ghost .Well after that people were up.

Opps I have to go!!!!!

Well I ran and climbed through the wall and jumped to my room.Oh I am saved.Let me go drink some water.

why is there some lady in my bed.Well I will tell her to get up.

"Excuse me"

She turned around.


She woke up and stared at me ."AHHHHHHHHHHH"

She fainted.

What is wrong with this girl?? Thats when I noticed something..

"Opps I am in the wrong room.Silly me"

I somehow made it back.

I don't have much time before the maid comes.

Now I have to organize my money and stuff. For the past seventeen years the only savings that I have is 10 gold coins and 50 silver. I didn't even realize that I was this poor I mean even the baron daughter will get a minimum of 10 gold coins every month but look at me. Atleast I have this much.

I placed most of the necessary items in my space storage. With that I am all packed I guess.

I changed my wet clothes and got into my bed and closed my eyes not knowing the wave she has created.

In the morning just as I predicted a royal decree was issued asking me to go to the palace immediately.

At the same time in the academy(EXTRAS)

Lisa Pov

I am a student of the academy. Today me and my friends decided to sleep past the curfew.So we were sitting in the room and chatting.

"Hey have you heard about the weeping ghost" I said.

Look at there  faces they look so scared.

I continued "It is said that a long time back there was a beautiful girl in the academy who fell in love with a handsome guy.The girl always used to ear white dresses since it was his favorite color. It was his wish to fight for our kingdom during the war. Eventhough both of them wished to be together he still couldn't forget his dream to fight for the kingdom.So he joined the war and told her that he will definitely come back for her. So she waited but what awaited her was the news that he died unexpectedly while saving a family in his way back. His last wish was for her to move on and be happy. When she heard this she was devastated . She couldn't handle the pain .That day she wore a black dress and hanged herself in the tree. It is said that she is still waiting for his lost soul to come back"

"What kind of nonsense it is"said my roommate 

"Yes that is soo false."said flora.

"you can believe it if you want . Some people have heard her cry during night. She even appeared in front of some girls during full moon wanting them to hear her story and keep her company.Some girls have never returned"

"As if I will believe that"my roommate and flora staretdd laughing.

Suddenly we heard footsteps.

We looked outside the window.

Eventhough I said that to make them scared I didn't know it would be true.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH"All three of us screamed.

Under the guise of the full moon there she stood drenched in her own tears wearing black clothes and covering her face with her scarf.When she heard us scream she turned toward us .We noticed her red eyes and she looked at us with pity.

IT IS HER THE WEEPING GHOST!!!!.Then she disappeared..


 I was the first one to faint.(eventhough I was the one who told the story)

Because of all this we got scolded for sleeping past the curfew and for scaring others but we are the living fact that the legend is true.The weeping ghost exists. 

Soon all of the people in the class started talking about it. Yesterday the weeping ghost came to Jane's room to spirit her away and to make her the ghosts companion but she also fainted just like me.

Don't worry weeping ghost sama we will definitely keep the legend alive...

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