Jessica James POV
A few days later I find myself bored to death. I find my way to the kitchen where dad is and everyone else is as well and sitting down I just stare at dad. He notices but he doesn't says anything, he just smiles.
CJ-Are you bored?
CJ-For how long?
CJ-How long have you been bored?
-Almost from the beginning.
He chuckles for a moment before he takes a few deep breaths.
CJ-Is there anything, no, what would you usually do at this time? On your average, normal day.
-Let's see, in my normal day I would eat the hunt of the morning. Fang would try and cook it for me, sometimes. After eating we would walk, fly or swim until eventually we have to eat again. In the evening we would train for a bit and either watch the clouds pass and at night we would compete who could keep count of the stars the longest without falling asleep.
CJ-What do you want to do now? Today.
-I don't know. Most of the things I do involve Fang in one way or another so I have no idea. So, as you can probably tell, I have all this energy that I don't even know how to, ugh, this is driving me insane!
I feel dad take my hand and looking at him he is smiling calmly.
CJ-Calm down.
-I'm calm, I'm perfectly calm.
He places two fingers on my wrist.
The side of my neck.
Over my heart.
CJ-Your pulse is way too accelerated. I need you to focus.
-On what?
CJ-Wathever makes you feel at peace, what makes you feel at peace?
I think about it for a moment, there are lots of things I do to relax but if I were to choose only one I would probably go with just chilling under the shadow of a tree. I look at dad and I smile.
-Thank you.
CJ-How do you feel?
I shrug and standing up I rub the back of my neck.
-Going to check how he's doing.
He nods and I go outside to the spot where Fang is hibernating. I walk around him once before I get to my knees in front of his head.
-Fang. This sucks, you are quiet and I can't hear you. I can feel you're relaxed and calm and that's good but I still miss you.
I sigh and I feel how his feeling of calm invades me. Just then I remember something he told me once. About how a rider hibernates with his dragon. I sigh and I feel a bit fuzzy and maybe even a bit tired. I get up and I get back inside directly to my room. I feel a bit weird, I sigh and ignoring the feeling I turn to sleep at last.
I get out of work and I just sit in the car when my phone rings. I pick up and connect it to the radio.
Tz-Hi baby. How are you doing?
-Driving out from work. You?
Tz-Missing you a lot.
-Same here sugar cube, same here.
Tz-So, there is a party tonight and I want you to come with me.
-I thought you wanted to keep our relationship a secret for now.
Tz-Is private, no one knows anyone except one or two. Please, for me, it will be fun.
-Alright. Text me the address and I'll meet you there, wait, no, I'll pick you up at the usual place.
Tz-Yes, my mom has the entire vicinity watching me so I might be a bit late getting there while I sneak out from the house.
-I can wait as long as you need.
Tz-What a gentleman and one more thing, what will you do to me when we meet?
-You'll see. Bye.
I hear her sigh on the other end before she hangs up and I sigh. I drive to the hotel and getting to the usual room I get halfnaked and I sit on the couch. I don't have to wait long as the door opens and she comes in.
Tz-Hey there stranger.
-You really want me don't you.
Tz-I do but first, how do I look? I got dressed especially for tonight.
She twirls slowly and I see her going towards the bedroom. She turns to look at me over her shoulder.
I laugh and getting up I turn to follow her. I stand behind her and placing my hands on her shoulders I blow on her neck making her gasp.
-You look so good with that dress.
Tz-Make me yours. I'm yours to take.
-And I yours.
I pull the string on her shoulder kissing it as I do and slowly I pull down her dress kissing her spine as I go and once her dress is on the floor I laugh as she has no underwear at all. I turn her around and kissing her fiercely we manage to get a few words out.
Tz-The bed......mmm.....Connor......
-Easy, we will get there or rather, you will.
Before she can say anything I push her to the bed. She gives me a confused look mixed with a devilish smile and I bite at my lip.
Tz-You coming?
-Enjoy the view baby.
With that I start to make a show of it as I undress slowly for her. When I finally get entirely naked I start to climb on the bed with her. She lies below me on the bed and I smirk at her.
-What do you want?
Tz-You......I want all of you......
She wraps her arms on my neck and she smirks with mischief but before I can do anything she pulls me down in a fierce, desperate kiss. I get us so she's on top still kissing. I grab her legs to my sides and holding her ass as wide as I can I slide my dick deep in her pussy. She gasps softly against my lips and somehow that makes me want her more.
-Come here baby. Let me love you.
She starts kissing me and we are in our own little world and everything is good and perfect until the moment is shattered by a phone ringing. We both groan in protest but I start kissing her neck ignoring it.
Tz-You should answer it.
-I don't want to stop this.
She pushes me back and she gives me a look. I roll my eyes and sigh.
-Ugh, fine.
She gets off of me and I take my phone and answer it in anger.
-Who dares!?
CC-Your father, that's who.
My blood runs cold and looking at Tali Zorah I sigh.
-Daddy, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call?
I hear him laugh on the other end and I see how TZ smiles with mischief and giving her a confused look she just smiles and she grabs my dick gently.
-Please don't do that.
CC-Don't do what?
-Nothing. Not a thing.
CC-Are you alright?
-Never better baby.
CC-Did you did you called me?
-Nothing, I got......that was a mistake.
CC-Where are you?
-Out and about? I don't want anyone to know where I am right now. Why you call me?
CC-Right, I got worried because you didn't came to dinner or to sleep and I find that to be completely unlike you.
-Dad. I'm fine, I always am. You don't have to worry......
I get silenced by TZ giving me a kiss, I hear dad call me but her kiss leaves me even more horny and when she finally breaks away I get the phone again.
-I'm here, calm down, I call you later, bye.
CC-Connor, don't you dare.....
I hang up and turn it off and throwing it aside to the floor I go back to my girl and I keep fucking her as I please.
Camus Comprix POV
I look at my phone in absolute shock, I can't believe he actually hung up on me. I look at the rest of the family over the table.
-He actually hung up on me.
AJ-Are you angry at him?
-I don't know, is not anger per se but, I just, I can't believe he did that.
AJ-Do you think he's a bad kid?
-No, he's a good kid. He is a good son, a responsible, caring big brother, a lending hand. He is always asking how he can help. He always makes time, finds the time to help in any way he can.
AJ-What has he done in the past that you got angry at him or disappointed in any way.
-Never, the only time that he wasn't like any common day was when he used his aura for the first time. He was out of control and he did gave me a hard time to calm him down but I wasn't angry at him. If anything I actually felt proud and maybe a bit sad too.
AJ-I remember that time. Is there any other time?
-This one that is happening today.
AJ-Go sleep. Calm yourself. Tomorrow will be better.
-I rather wait up for him.
I say his name mockingly and he gives me a warning look as he gets up and standing next to me he smiles.
AJ-Follow me.
-I rather stay here.
He sighs and leaning against me he speaks.
-Do I have an option?
His answer is so fast that I'm momentarily surprised but then I sigh.
He opens the door for me and rolling my eyes I get outside and he follows soon after.
I sigh and getting towards my room I retreat and go to JJ room instead. She's been feeling down lately because Fang is hibernating and she can't play with him. I get to her door and I hold the handle for a moment before I open. I don't see her on the bed so I get inside a bit alarmed.
I look around and I find her curled up in a corner of the room soundly asleep. I sigh and as I turn to take her up I notice she's completely naked. I hesitate a bit before I get her in my arms softly, careful not to wake her. I get her on the bed and I get to her closet and get a dress and some panties randomly. I turn to her again feeling ashamed and trying to be gentle I dress her as best as I can. I feel so awkward, she's a grown lady already and I couldn't be prouder about her. I finish dressing her up and patting her hair kindly I give her a soft kiss on the cheek.
-Night princess. Sleep well.
I sigh and getting up I tuck her in and go to my room at last. When I get there I find that AJ is already deeply asleep. I feel so hot, he's so handsome when he sleeps. I lick my lips hungrily and cautiously I get on the bed. I caress him and I kiss his shoulder softly for a moment. He's waking up but I don't stop.
AJ-CJ, what are you.......
I cover his mouth and pressing him closer to me I sigh.
-Shush, let me love you.
He slumps in defeat and letting him go he turns and grabs me in a very deep kiss that turns into a very slow lovemaking until the sun starts to rise that we cuddle to sleep together.
The next time I wake up is almost dinnertime. I just take a quick shower and dressing casually I head downstairs for dinner. The entire family is there and they give me knowing looks.
-What? Do I have something on my face or have you never seen a handsome guy like me before?
Ka-Not for free.
I look as he bump fists with Nova laughing.
Ca-Karma, be gentle. Be good with him.
-Dad. Are you punishing me for something I did or what? What's your deal?
Ca-What makes you think I'm punishing you?
-I don't know, you tell me.
Ca-You want to know what happened, alright then, tell me, what happened that you are waking up this late?
I shrug and scratching my hair I remember every single detail of last night in vivid detail. His lips, his tongue, his hands, his ass, his dick oh his dick. I bite my lip and I let out a pleased sound as I let my hand reach for my heart. I feel it beat wildly and I feel a shiver down my spine that makes me tremble. I feel something in my back and as curious as I am I turn to check and my blood freezes when I see what's there. A tarantula and AJ is holding it to me.
-Ugh. Take it off.
He throws it at me and I evade it completely. I shiver with a growl of disgust and he laughs.
AJ-You are so easy. We have been together since we were born and you still get fooled by that.
-I hate you.
AJ-I know. Is reciprocated.
I groan and I make as if I'm strangling him but without touching him before I storm out of the room. He calls out to me.
AJ-CJ! Hey, wait up, you know I was just kidding and fooling around.
I give him a look and being alone in the hallway I pull him into a kiss.
-I love you.
He gets interrupted by the entire building shaking. Our auras activated protecting us we go back to the kitchen.
-What happened?
Yuki-That happened!
She points out the window and I see Fang awake and not able to balance himself.

To be continued..................

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