Chapter One

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The Pretty and the Popular

Mom was staring out the passenger window of the car, looking excited as her new job got closer and closer. She was a designer for Louis Vuitton, and loved the projects almost more than her family. The only good thing in it for me, was the loads of designer things and a credit card. Yeah, sure. Everyone wishes they could use their credit card with no worries, but at the moment it didn't mean anything to me. All I wanted to do was fly back to Florida and into my old home. My now ex boyfriend was probablly sleeping with my now ex best friend as I was sure we were making the biggest mistake in the Thomas family history.

Once we were in the right place, we all started to look for our new home. My two older brothers an my twin sister were all over excited, and I found out why as soon as my eye caught a glimpse of the house. Not house, mansion.

"Welcome to the Thomas mansion, everyone!" dad called back to us. My heart jumpped, then sank again.

"I call first room pick!" I yelled. The others with their mouths opened to make the exact same yell, all glared at me.

"No fair!" Dennis screamed.

"Welcome to my life." I muttered.

"Dennis, fair is fair. And that call was." Lindsay my twin sister told our little brother.

"Second!" my older brother John and Simon both called at the same time as Lindsay and Dennis. I rolled my eyes as the car pulled in, followed by thereof moving vans carrying our stuff. I slid out of the car in my Gucci heels and skinny jeans and j. Crew top. I felt the cold breeze of fall sweep over my ling blond hair and it was swept over my shoulders. I shivered and grabbed my purse, heading to the front door.

"Tiffany, sweetie wait for the rest of us!" mom called. I groaned and crossed um arms, wantig to get inside to warm house. It was built of a grey stone and was slightly bigger than our old house. I wondered if the staff here would be as kind as they were at our old place. The I wondered if any of them were staying in the guest home. If they were, that's fine. Just so long as they don't have a son my age. Esepially not a daughter. Or both! I wanted to hurl at the thought.

"let's do this!" lindasy slid the key into the lock and turnned. The door opened and I saw a blur of balck and white, then-

"WELCOME!" all the staff were gathered at the door, smiling and greeting us. I smiled and marched in, but really caring. I didn't want to be here anyway. I kept the smile on my face, and they actually followed me and ushered my to the table. Oh, great. Mom and dad were talking like they were all best friends. I noticed a girl about my age. She had the same figure I did, but my chest was slightly smaller, and my waist was thinner. She had brown hair three inches below her shoulders, and when her eyes flicked onto me, I slid my gaze to my parents as though I was nothing but borded. I could feel her eyes look me up and down, then back up. They served us dinner: potato and ham soup with garlic bread. It was all good until mom had to introduce me to the burnette.

"Tiffany, this is Alecia. Alecia, this is our daughter Tiffany. You're both in the same classes mostly, and this is lindasy." she turned to my sister. I flashed Alecia my perfect smile and let it disappear as soon as she got a glimpse. She rolled her eyes, and I knew in her head she was already calling me a rich snob. I was rich, yeah. But snob? No! I'm just pissed at my old boyfriend and 'best friend.' I felt my iPhone buzzin in my back pocket and ignored it. When we were finally dismissed I was the first one up on my Gucci six inches and out of the room. I went up the stairs and found the perfect room.

It was painted a color like faded blue jeans, and had two stories basically. At the bottom was a queen size bed and a desk with an iMac computer. I sat my purse on the bed and looked around. There were two boubled does with curtians tht pulled over to shield the light. The doors led out onto a balcony. I should bring up a fire pit and Lind and I could make smores! I smiled to myself. I went back into the room and walked to the second part. There was the biggest closet I'd ever seen, and it was stuffed full. My jaw dropped.

"I thought you'd want this room." mom walked in, and came up and stood next to me.

"Mom, this looks like the mall." I smiled. I took of my shoes and slid them on a rack, pulling out another pair of black strappy heels studded in diamonds. There were boots, heels, flats, converse, and all the cloths any girl could ever want. Dresses, jeans, tops, and SHOES! God, I was in heaven. I hugged her.

"I know you're upset about Heath, but now that you're here you'll be able to start this is New York, sweetie!"

"I know, I'm just missing him." I sighed. The shoes helped. "Do you think I can get a fire pit up here on the balcony for Lind?"

"I think that would be fine. I'll see if dad can pick up one after work tomorrow?" she said.

"yeah, that'd be great." I smiled.

"Okay. I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted! Oh, you're voice box is next to you're bed, and then there's one by the closet doors." she pointed to them. We used them to talk to the cleaning staff or the cook.

"Is Alecia staying in the guest home?" I asked mom.

"For a while, yes. They're building a new home, so dad said they could stay here. He mother is the cook."

"Ah." I said. "'Night."

"Night sweetie." mom headed downstairs. I changed into my short pajamas and slid down the polished wood hall in my socks.

"Hey, Tiff!" lindasy came out of the room next to mine.

"Hey!" I slid over to her, toothbrush in mouth.

"Did mom, um, put anything in you're closet?"

"yes! God, it's like a mall!" we said the last word together, and grabbed hands.

"oh, I have a balcony!" I said. "mom said you and I could put a fire pit in the roast smores!"

"yes!" she pulled me in and showed me her room. It was the same as mine, minus the balcony. Hers was a reddish orange color that looked amazing with the tan carpet.

"So you're phone was going off during dinner." she scolded, a smile plastered on her face.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot to check it." I said. "I'll go look an you can see my room!" I grabbed her hand and we ran into my room. I flopped onto my bed and sat cris crossed on the fluffy extra comfy mattress. I unlocked the phone and stared at the message. It was a photo message form Donna, my old best friend in Florida. I opened the folder and gasped dramatically at the screne.

"What is it?" Lind came over and sat next to me on the bed, tilting the phone so she could see it.

"Oh my gawd! I can't believe her! If we were home she would be dead." there were over ten pictures, most of them comprised of Heath (ex boyfriend) and Donna making out at a party. I copied all the pictures, planning a revenge in my head. I opened the email app and paste them there, and emailed them to her moms blackberry. Donna wasn't aloud at partys, and her mom was super strict. I wrote,

'Hi Mrs. G! How have you been? We jst arrived at our new house and Donna sent me these. I thought you should know. Talk to you soon,

Tiffany T. <3'

"that'll get her in some deep trouble." we laughed an I tossed the phone onto a beanbag.

"Oh, tomorow we get to pick up our cars!" she squeeked. I pushed my old frends out of my head.

"Yes!" I was getting a black porsche, and Lind wanted a red one. We'd drive togeather most of the time, but when we wanted to go seperate we'd have our own cars. We stopped laughing at ten, and she went back to her room. I truned down the lights and took out my phone.

'It hasn't even been a full day here and I absolutely hate it. The staff is nice, but Alecia? We'll see...' I dated it and saved it into my notes. School was beginning for my family on Monday. Thank goodness it was only Saturday. I looked out the balcony's glass doors up at the stars. I got up reluctantly and closed the blinds. I fell asleep as room as my head hit the pillow.

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