Part 6: Dawn Zulueta says to NO kissing scenes

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Dawn: No to kissing scenes

Ever wondered why Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez’s lips never touch in the hit ABS-CBN drama “Walang Hanggan” even if they play sweethearts in the drama series?

Answer: Dawn herself doesn’t want to.

“Bawal pa rin,” the star of the Cinemalaya entry “Ang Nawawala” explains. 

Love and respect

Dawn loves and respects her husband, Davao del Norte Rep. Anton Lagdameo and their children so much, she doesn’t want to do anything that would create an issue in their peaceful home.

“Nakakahiya naman sa husband ko.  And when it comes to my kids (Jacobo Antonio and Ayisha Madlen), bata pa sila masyado  for them to watch something like that (their mom kissing a man besides their dad) on screen. Hindi ko masyado ma-explain sa kanila kasi bata pa  sila.”

Anton is broad-minded enough to give Dawn a free hand in choosing the scenes she does or does not do. And it’s Dawn herself who chooses to steer clear of kissing scenes.

But she admits  she may not be able to observe that kissing ban forever,especially in the “Walang Hanggan” finale.  So will Dawn relent and finally let her leading man  kiss her?

Dawn can’t tell at this point.

“I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.  Pag-iisipan ko then I’ll talk to Anton,” she explains.

Dawn and Anton have a tacit understanding.  She can act –  in musicals, TV, etc. – on one condition: She doesn’t forget her duties to the  family.  Dawn is keeping her side of the bargain by leaving weekends free for her husband and children.

The balancing act is paying off, so far.

Dawn herself is surprised  the time she spent away from showbiz  while she started her family hardly matter to hers – and Richard’s fans.

“Kami ni Richard, nagulat na up to now, may following pa kaming ganyan. Hindi namin akalaing ganito kalaki,lalo na sa edad namin. Nowadays, ang sikat ay ang mga mas bata.”


Dawn learned she can use some of the  'rawness'her younger co-actors have plenty of in “Ang Nawawala,” an official entry in the New Breed Full-Length Feature category of the Cinemalaya Film Festival which will be held from July 20  to 29 in three venues, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Greenbelt 3 Makati and TriNoma.

“I learned a lot from them,” Dawn gushes. “They’re just so raw.  As a an actor, you must allow yourself to be raw and not polished all the time. There’s  something  natural about being raw.”

Dawn saw thatin Felix and Dominic Roco, who play her sons  in the family drama. This, and the riveting story of a mother who copes with  tragedy gripped Dawn so much she cut down her sleeping hours to do “Ang Nawawala.”

“Pumayat ako kasi we have been taping 'Walang Hanggan' four times a week. I  don’t know how I did it, but I managed to squeeze in six shooting days for this indie,” reveals Dawn.

You see the hunger for her craft, the drive to explore  unknown characters and unusual stories.

“In mainstream, you expect the way things are done,” Dawn observes.  “When you’re doing an indie, you have to prepare for something really new because it’s something out of the ordinary.”

What can be more extraordinary than a film that took its young director, Marie Jamora, 10 years to develop?

“This is my dream film,” the Columbia University Film major beams.

The story is as Filipino as Christmas family gatherings since it revolves around a mother and the messy situation she and  her children find themselves in.


Dawn sees it a refreshing break from her 'high-octane' teleserye role. 

“Dito, na-downplay namin ng konti since we really like to dramatize sad situations.”

That’s the secret of Dawn’s longevity in the business.  She never gets tired of trying something new. 

“I hope I can reach the age when I can play a grandma,” Dawn admits.

If and when she does, Dawn will just be too glad to share some words of wisdom to  younger actors.

“Don’t let success get into your head.  Just think you’re always starting out and it’s not good enough,” she counsels. “But this doesn’t mean you don’t pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself you did well.”

And while they’re at it,  Dawn thinks young actors would do well to recognize their fans.

“A part of that success  comes from the support the fans give you. Take care of them because you will grow old with them,”  she rounds up her pieces of advice.

Let’s hope reality search winners and other newbies are listening.

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