Protective at school cuddly at home but trapped in a nightmare......

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Naruto's POV

We were all heading to school the place that I so didnt want to return to in the first place cause I already have to much on my mind.

My nightmare's are returning

Sasuke's acting more flirty and clindy when every we're alone I mean that's fine cause I get to cuddle with him and all.....but what if he's doing all of that out of pity instead of love I whimpered softly and soon felt an arm wrap around my, waist scaring me as I looked over to see it was sasuke he was trying to comfort me he's so sweet.

I allowed him to do what ever he wanted it actually made me feel safe and a little bit loved to but what was I thinking about agian.......oh well I'll remeber later.

Oh ya I was making a list of things Ive noticed like Menma being more protective and he'd ask if I was ok every chance he got which is weird for him to do so I kinda wish I knew what these 3 were thinking about.

"Hey Naruto, Sasuke, Menma, Sasukie" I heard someone yell as I jumped a bit but turned to see it was Kiba who was dragging shino behind him poor guy "Hi Kiba" I replied back I couldnt raise my voice lately I dont know what's wrong with me, "hi" Menma says shrugging "heya" Sasukie says smiling while Sasuke just hummed I still feel bad for Shino "Soooo how was you guys weekends" Kiba asks while smiling "eventful" Menma says while thing and the Uchiha twin nodded while I just looked at them.

'Do they mean eventful because of my constant screaming or because the cubs wouldn't stop crying until they saw me a least once at night and in the morning' I thought while tilting my head and started think of what happened over the weekend and started blushing.

"why the red face" Kiba asks tilting his head "n-n-nothing" 'no I stuttered I'm starting to sound like hinata now ugh' I thought while my friend snickered "something big must of happened" he asks and I knew he was trying to get details, until Shino who I had completely for got was their chocked the brunette in the back off the head and carried him into school wave at us as he left.

"Dang Kiba has me curious now what did you two do" Menma asked looking at me and Sasuke as I started to play with my tail I could feel my face burning up just thinking about it "just cuddling" Sasuke say while shrugging and I, was glad he said something cause I could trust my voice now.

"Are you two sure you didn't do anything else" Sasukie says while wiggling his browns and I was done I speed walked away I could tell Sasuke hit his twin because I heard whimpering from behind me.

Once inside the school building me and Menma went to out lockers and that's when I felt like I was being watched and I couldn't really concentrate as I accidently bumped into Menma who had stopped.

"S-sorry" I appaulagized but only got a pat on the head by my twin oh my god he's changed I looked up at him with hope only to see he was clearly ticked off and was giving me a 10 second head start to put me just away and run which I did in 7 seconds before dashing to my first class of the day.

I was the only one in the classroom so far so I sat at my desk and waited for my mate and brother with his mate but I still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched again so I quickly looked up only to make eye contact, with Sai he really creeped me out now where's.....

"Naruto" I head a soft whisper that scared me out of my skin and I looked to see it was Sasuke and I sighed in relief putting my head down on my desk.

"you ok you were breathing kinda hard there" Sasuke says putting his hand on my back in a comforting why making me softly purr I could tell that this was my Sasuke because his hair smelled like blueberries.

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