Chapter One - Officially Homeless

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 Popular and I'

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Don't ask why I'm standing on the cold, dark street with my parents either side of me, staring at my collapsed house. All three of us, wrapped in our sleeping robes with our arms crossed over our chests to shoo away the bitter air, frown at our house – or what is left of it.

"Bloody house mites." Mutters my dad under his breath, his eyebrows are creased downwards, creating dents in the skin between his eyes and his forehead.

"What are we going to do?" My mother sighs, hopelessly. 

Peculiarly, on the coldest night we've had in a long time, she decides to wear her silk pyjamas today - what a bad idea mum. 

I jump in a spot, hoping to cling onto any ounce of warmth in my body, unfortunately failing when I feel goosebumps crawl onto every inch of my skin, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight. Great. 

For another fifteen minutes, we stare unwillingly at the ruin we once called our home, while firemen make sure no one else is in the house. The roof has completely fallen, leaving no shelter for the upstairs bedrooms and crushing the furniture beneath it, it's like our house has been turned into a sandwich. Each and every downstairs window has cracked due to the excelling pressure from the sudden collapse. As if it wasn't already blatantly obvious, a fireman had to come and tell us that it's 'no longer inhabitable'. Brilliant. 

 At least we're alive and okay. 

Our neighbors soon gather around to watch the scene, pointing at the concrete and brinks sprawled all over our front yard. Some approach my parents and give them their apologies while their children snicker under their breath. 

Well, that's even greater. Thanks to termites, we've just lost our home, and people are laughing.

I want to curse, but I don't say anything aloud. Instead, I think of every repulsive word that comes to mind and pronounce it under my breath, making no sound. Only a few hours ago we were we tucked up in bed and ready for a goodnights sleep, when BAM, the roof falls down. Luckily, we all managed to escape but taking nothing with us.

Shit, my laptop.

I stand on my tiptoes and talk to my dad. "Where are we going to stay tonight?" I ask, trying not to let the irritation shine through in my tone.

"I guess we'll have to stay at a hotel for the time being. I'll work something out love." He pats me on my head like I'm a puppy and I stand down from my tiptoes.

I'm cold, hungry, tired, and I think I have PMS. I do not want to spend any more time on this street, feeling humiliated. Hesitantly, I look around as I see our fellow nosy residents have formed a semi-circle around our house, my family being situated right in the middle.

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