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So... New book coming. I won't be saying the title yet. But this is the book description. Maybe I'll add some kind of sneak peeks from bits of the chapters. 👍👍👍 So here's the description.

I didn't know it was there.
I never knew something like that existed behind my back.
A door? But where does it lead to?
A hidden room? Or maybe even an extra bathroom?

Truth is only my Mother and Father knew where it led to. I'm a curious girl. So I entered.

I entered a room. But, it was something I've always liked to have in my room, Posters of people I looked up to. A balcony. A little second floor above the room where all my wanted books were kept in.

It had the design I've always wanted to have in my walls. It even had a hidden conpartment. But... Where am I?

The door slammed open, a figure of a girl stood in front of me... Just as shocked as I am. And it wasn't long before I met,

Me From Another World.
Yeah. There it is.
I won't be updating this sooner or later. Beacuse I still have another book and another one on going. I can stop it for a while. But it might suddenly clash with this new book and I dont want that. Especially since I'm a lazy piece of ass.

So... Umm... The new book may take a while. Since I'm still planning it all out.. And then there's still "I Am No Slave"

So.. Stay tuned... 😊😊😊
Goodbye my Falcons.

~LadyShadowFist ✌

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