Mrs. Styles

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Rule Number Twenty-Three: Don't think about your husband's brother when you have sex with him.

I tried my best when it came to alcohol. I wouldn't be a stumbling mess on my brother's wedding day. I also wouldn't subject these lovely people to a repeat of what I had done at the engagement party months ago.

Although I had kept my consumption low, I still wanted something to distract me. The whole day had been painful. Watching the union happen in front of me, was like watching every single time somebody had compared me to Tom.

With all my mistakes, and spending more time in New York around these people now than I had since I was sixteen. I realized that I was the issue. I had caused myself all of my problems, but fixing them meant I couldn't be true to myself.

I was stuck in a place with myself that I didn't want to be. I wanted so badly to run but I couldn't. I had already started ruining lives but I didn't feel bad.

Running my hand through my hair, I pulled off the tie that sat tightly around my neck. I saw Noel eye me from the table at the front. I wasn't exactly extensive tonight but at the same time, I couldn't be around her all the time. I was too busy answering questions from family members and doing my best to convince them that I would succeed now.

Tom and Ana sat by the dance floor, smiling at one another, Ana hanging on to every word he spoke. I had never known it was that intense between the two.

I had to speak to her, our last conversation being somewhat of an apology. I had confessed that I hated what I lived in. But I knew she felt the same because I saw her battle with her inner demons outside of the bathroom door.

I knew things couldn't be completely okay, considering what transpired.

But I still had to make an effort, even if my intentions weren't pure.

"Can I steal your wife from you for a dance?" I asked, interrupting whatever it was that they had been beaming at one another about.

The word wife tasted bad on my tongue.

"Are you sure you'll give her back?" Tom joked, I wasn't quite sure if I would. And judging by the uneasy smile Ana had given me she knew the irony.

I couldn't take what didn't want to be taken. All I could is make a fool of myself and hope for the best.

Prying my eyes away from her, I grinned "That won't be an issue".

Reluctantly, she came with me, the two of us resembling two awkward teenagers at a high school dance. Once we settled in our movements, I placed one of my hands on her hip and the other grabbed her small, soft hand.

Her other hand felt as if it were fire on my shoulder. Dirty thoughts that I hoped were flashbacks entered my mind. Imagining her nails causing crescent moons in my skin.

That would be the case later, but it would be someone else's shoulder tonight. It would be my brother's.

"You look stunning" I blurted as I caught myself staring for far too long.

She smiled knowing my awkwardness, "Thanks, Harry".

I felt uneasy as I thought about what I was going to say or how I was going to say it. Being this close to her, having her smile at me instead of telling me off was intoxicating.

"Listen, I need to say something.."

Ana stiffened, instantly becoming uneasy at my words. She knew what was about to come. She wasn't ready to discuss our mistake once again and I knew that, so I wouldn't put that on her. Especially not today. Having her so vulnerable in my arms, made me melt.

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