Chapter 5 - The Team (Kinda)

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Previously on SeaSwept:

"Well first of all, that guy was the principle, Mr. Sterg. Second, now I'm gonna introduce you to my friends. They all have study hall anyways.", he says before walking out of the classroom.

I follow him out, making sure that I didn't leave anything in the classroom. He starts walking down some random hallway to somewhere.

"Ugggh, wait for me, I'm still tired from sprinting to the classroom.", I say calling out to him.

"Well who's fault is that?", he asks from the end of the hallway.

I just huff, obviously miffed about the fact that he had won.

I begrudgingly sling my backpack onto my shoulders and start walking after him.

Dick's POV

I walk down the hallways, occasionally making sure that Percy's still following me. I've noticed that she gets distracted by the most random of things. I swear, an ant was crawling on the ground and she stopped, and started to follow the ant. I had to go up to her and drag her away from it.

Percy's POV (I know lots of POV changes. Deal with it)

We finally walk into study hall after a few *cough* incidents *cough*.

The first thing I notice is a group of 6, containing 3 boys and 3 girls. I had recognized 1 out of the 6. I quickly start up a mind link, a courtesy of being a 2 time hero of Olympus.

Percy: Hey Kaldur
Kaldur: Percy?! What are you doing here?
Percy: *mind sigh* my dad sent me here
Kaldur: Oh. I see
Percy: We should probably stop before they get suspicious.
Kaldur: Of course

I close the mind link discreetly, away from prying minds. (*cough* Meghan *cough*)

The other two boys consisted of a what seemed to be hyper, red head. He looked to be very lean, maybe a runner. and a very bulky dark haired guy, who seemed to sulk a lot.

The girls on the other hand were quite different. There was also a red headed girl, but she seemed very cheerful... almost overly cheerful. The other girl seem very sarcastic and laid back, bantering with the red-headed boy. I would have though of them as a couple of not for the fact that she backed away from his touch. (Just go with it. I'm too lazy to come up with any thing else.) She had bright blonde hair, lighter than Annabeth's. The last girl had dark black hair, almost like mine. She was talking with the red haired girl.

Me being so lost in thought, almost didn't notice Dick walking up to them.

I quickly jog up to the table.

"Percy, these are my friends. Friends... Percy." He says simply.

"Well Dick, as much as I love short descriptions, could I please have their names", I ask laughing a bit.

"Fine. This is Kaldur", he says, pointing to Kaldur. A.K.A. Fish Boy

"And this is Wally, Conner, Meghan, Artemis, and Zatanna.", he says pointing to the red head boy, black haired boy, red haired girl, blonde girl, and black haired girl respectively.

"Wait... like Greek goddess Artemis", I ask, snickering a bit.

"Yeah...", Artemis says trailing off.

"By chance, do you hate boys?", I ask, still snickering.

"I mean, I wouldn't say hate, but boys can be sexist pigs.", she say, a little cautiously.

I burst into a fit of giggles, and soon my chest aches from oxygen deprivation. I look up to see the team except Kaldur looking at me like a sprouted a second head.

"Okaaaaaaaay then", the male redhead, Wally, says breaking the awkward silence.

"Wait, wait", I say quickly still gaining my breath.

"Are you able to shoot a bow and arrow, by chance?", I ask, my chest still heaving heavily.

"Yeah...", she says trailing off, looking at me like how someone might look at a cat who goes around the neighborhood barking like a dog.

I burst into another for of giggles, this time using the table to help stabilize myself so that I don't collapse on the ground.

"What... what's that about", the stoic boy, Conner, says with a creeped out look on his face.

"Oh. Its. Nothing. You just. Remind. Me of. The Greek. Goddess. Artemis.", I say inbetween breathes.

"Just not as short, and with blonde hair.", I quickly mutter under my breath.

Conner immediately gets a suspicious look on his face. Out of the corner of my eye I see Dick checking the watch on his wrist.

"Hey guys... as much as I would like to continue this conversation, 2nd hour starts in... 3 minutes.", he says holding up his wrist.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Percy. I guess I'll see you later.", Megan says before walking away, Conner on her heels.

"I better start making my way to my next class too", I say with a slight wave.

"Bye Percy", Wally says, waving his arms, looking hyperactive. I'm starting to think he has ADHD.

I start walking away leaving Artemis, Dick, Kaldur, Zatanna, and Wally in study hall.

"Wait Percy! We have the same classes", I hear Dick say, before he starts walking to catch up to me.

"I know. Come on slowpoke."


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