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Tony basically carried Peter back to the Avengers Facility. The teen was basically in a trance, just staring at everything as they flew. He didnt even have it in him to appreciate the view. When they arrived back at home, Tony set Peter down and he headed straight to his room. Tony popped his faceplate up and watched him go with some sort of sadness in him. He realized with a start that it was hopelessness. He wanted to help Peter, but he didnt know how. Rhodey landed next to him and gave him a worried look. Poor kid, he noted, staring after him. Tony was silent. The other Avengers who had gone looking for Peter soon arrived, all gathering at the door. No one made a move to enter.

"Is he alright?" Wanda inquired.

"Probably not," Sam returned. Steve eventually walked inside, prompting everyone else to follow suit. It was five in the morning after all.

Everyone peeled off to their rooms as the group moved down the hallway. Tony however noticed that Peters door was open a crack. If he had went inside he probably would have closed it. So instead of going to his room, he headed towards the gym/training room at the end of the hall. Sure enough, the light was on, and Peter was whaling on a punching bag while still in his suit. Tony watched noiselessly as the spiderling punched and punched and punched, barely stopping in between swings. Looked like the kid needed to get out some frustration. Tony didnt blame him.

Peter abruptly stopped alternating fists and grabbed the side of the punching bag, driving his other fist into it with more and more fury. He suddenly stopped and collapsed to his knees, pulling off his mask. Tony approached quickly. Hey, Peter he said, kneeling beside him. His hands were covering his face and his shoulders shook perilously. He wrapped an arm around his shoulders consolingly. "Shh, its okay kid," he whispered. He was speaking through his sobs but Tony couldnt make it out.

He just sat there with him as he cried, holding him. He probably hadnt cried like this since Aunt May first died. As much as it hurt Tony to see him like this, sometimes it was good to cry.

He eventually quieted, wrapping his arms around himself and just sitting there. "Are you okay?" he asked, leaning closer so he could see his face. Peter nodded.

"Y-yeah, thanks." His voice came out scratchy from misuse. He saw his head falling.

"Don't fall asleep here," he chuckled. Come on. he helped him to his feet, keeping his arm around his shoulder as he led him back to his room. Peter sat down heavily on the bed when they entered.

"... Thank you," he mumbled.

"You're welcome, now get some sleep." He gave him a small smile, which Tony returned. He stepped into the hall soundlessly, closing his door just as silently.

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